Monday, March 12, 2007


Hindsight is twenty-twenty, unless, something is distorting the lens of recollection.

“Insight into this particular culture can be difficult for those of us far removed from that era and its collective disconnection which allowed Gaia~opia to prevail and dominate.”

L4nc3 smiled to himself, part of him had disconnected from the teaching, exploring the vast matrix of data on the inside of his cybershades thru one lens, while the other lens remained open to realtime.

“The politics at the time seemed more nonsensical but now we know that they were merely the logical progression of a systemic planetary communication breakdown. The foundational philosophies, institutional thought corrals, television consumer programming – all built around an easy to exploit brainstem.”

L4anc3 used sub vocal commands to navigate thru the planetary info stream and locate the seller of his latest offroad recreational device.

“The whole concept of waste/garbage - not only did it exist - it dominated on many levels which inevitably led to war, strife and vast economic gulfs among the various humans.”

L4nc3 cleared the opaqued lens and gave full attention. It always just blew his mind when he heard this aspect of twentieth century culture. Initially, he thought that there was some type of misinterpretation, the cultural abyss could easily miss something but careful examination and reams of data confirmed a system, which seemed built on self-destruction.