Monday, June 06, 2016

Send me some Bitcoins.

Perhaps, you'd like to send me some Bitcoins. You have so many, you don't know what to do with them. The answer just may be hiding on this website. Here's my Bitcoin address in case you decide to fulfill this irrational urge:


Friday, April 29, 2016

Anatomy of an Archangel

He walks on the ground
You can’t see his wings
One second he’s crying
The next second he sings
Hawks another breath
Heaves another jest
He searches for perches
And then he swings
Hanging on sentences of hordes
He wields his pen just like a sword
He dangles and tugs and then cuts the cords
Wings made of tissue
Head made of stars
He smells like an ape
And sings like a sitar
Head in the clouds
Feet on the ground
Hears infinity
In each ounce of sound

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Just the Facts

I am an American 
No tricks up my sleeve 
Every one needs someone
So maybe we can all be friends
I am an American

I'm in love with Americans
I'm in love with the world
I think I can help it
Therefor I am
I'm in love with miracles
We are all miracles

Lizard wants a fight
Lizard wants to start a war
Lizard wants a flight
Lizard wants to sleep with a whore

I'm in love with a miracle 
God is a miracle
I'm in love with a miracle 
God is a miracle
Glory be to God

I am an American
I find my way by the stars
I shaved my head 
I want to meditate in driverless cars
I'm in love with Americans

God is a miracle
God is a miracle
Glory be to God

Yes, I'm in love with a miracle 
I'm in love with the words
I think I can help us
Therefor I am
I'm in love with a miracle

I am an American 
I am a miracle 
I am an American
I am a miracle 

Glory be to God

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Breath of Resonance

Do you have trouble staying grounded?
Do you feel like you are slowly drowning in a river of humans?
Have you ever experienced a panic attack?

Out of touch with the divine?
Out of touch with nature?
Out of touch with your intuition?
Out of touch with your breath?

I know precisely what you are going through and it is my honor and privilege to help those of us who have been traumatized by our youthful institutional indoctrinations, dysfunctional upbringing, generational karma etc.  Unable to escape these patterns - we weave nets with our brains which only trap us - giving the false sense that we are actually healing something when all we are doing is running to stand still. We do not condone the use of any drugs to mask our feelings. Every tear drop is worth more than all the gold in the world. We encourage authentic emotional expression.

After receiving my psychology degree at the University of Scranton, I have spent over 20 years exploring and mastering many different breath work modalities - tai chi, qi-gong, the 6 Tibetans, circular breathing, didgeridoo sound work, and Tibetan Buddhist chanting - to name a few.

Breath work can connect our consciousness to both the molecular level and the cosmic continuum. I see it as a creative response to soul deep disturbances.
I have learned that breathing patterns dictate the states, flavors and colors of consciousness. I am now committed and inspired to introduce and teach the essence of over 20 years of breath work:


I customize modalities based on your own particular way of breathing (shallow/upper respiratory - all the way to full body breathers) which place you firmly on the path of resonance. 

What can you expect? The sky is the limit. Learn to rise above with your true wings - your lungs.
Find our what you have been missing out on. Magic has been there/here all along.

Maybe you’re a brilliant singer - it’s all about the breath!
Find the gifts within.
The time is now.

Monday, April 04, 2016


I am a dormant black hole awakening 
Taking its first holographic breaths
Breaking shadows into light
Converting day into night
Wearing death and desire obsessively 
For entertainment purposes only
Its a fashion to be spun

I am a doormat
Made of golden tear drops
Laced with love
It’s an honor and a privilege
When some one wipes their feet
Then passes thru 
Into the empty room  
No windows
No doors

I am a doorman opening windows
In a tower made of nothing
Imaginary particles 

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Pupils made of protons

I got pupils made of protons
Seeing electrons I never elected.
I’m neutral about neutrons.
Beneath that 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

No Title by Michael Byrne

No Title by Michael Byrne

Angry Sun by Michael Byrne

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I was just told by my girlfriend that her brother will be arriving at approximately1AM to pitch a tent somewhere within the confines of our small 1 bedroom apartment.

"He's allergic to cats!" She scowls sharply at me for fouling her mood with my silly question.

The Dyson Pet and Allergy Vacuum broads silently in the closet.

The perfect escape goat will most likely be safely asleep in the bedroom with ear plugs, eyeshades and cats.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quantum entanglement encounters the horizon line and nothing will ever be the same again.

"Smoking is Fundamental" original artwork by Michael Byrne

Original art work by Michael Byrne called "We Got This"

Friday, September 25, 2015

How to get in shape without trying? Ditch your car.

 These last 6 months I have put in more bike miles than the previous decade. All it took was my timing belt's impromptu demise and my integral Intergra was no longer my chariot. The clock had struck midnight as we drove on the 150. Combine no car with a nice mountain bike and increased bike activity becomes the norm. We find our self in a decent level of shape without even trying. Now, just add several fun trails - many less than 4 miles from your doorstep - to the equation. Suddenly, you realize the inaccessible trails are now not just accessible - they are rocking and you are rolling. Funner than just about anything. The key to making this your reality: consistency - bike nearly every day and recuperate. Take a day or two off. Rest. Relax. Enjoy the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors while they last then got your ass back out there.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Read it and Leap

The day the constitution died again - I was just a kid programmed by the TV to just say no. Regardless of how well this campaign prepared the weakest of the American herd for incarceration, slaughter and brain damage - and it did do that - we cannot overstate how poisonous and unsustainable the calculated authoritative response to nefariously motivated think tank inventions. These guys were fucking poets. 'Epidemic of drug use', 'Drug War', 'Crack babies.' 'Crack whores' etc. You'd think orbiting death and suffering might get a bit old. A tad stale. One might think. TV has various methods of preparing its product for the corporations who pay it. How much did the Reagans get for betraying the republic? Perhaps they merely needed pats on the back, flattery and scripts. Does it matter? What matters is that the prison industrial complex has grown to be the number 2 complex in America. Number 1 being the military industrial complex. Think about this. The top two complexes in our country revolve around destroying, incarcerating and breaking people. Both these complexes being inherently destructive demand debt based economies. Weapons have no value when the currency has no place for war. 
The next death of the constitution began with the calculated misuse of a 3 letter word. Let’s suspend the constitution. Not only that, lets bypass ethics, morality etc. Anything that gets in our way. So simple. War. Declare war. Now, when your product is people you’re faced with a problem. People can read write and communicate with each other. So, when harvesting people’s your business you certainly don’t want to spook the herd. So declare war on drugs. Now authority has no restraints because its war: 1) Constitution is suspended, 2) open season on the weakest of the American herd, 3) Corporate sponsored media outlets contribute in subtle and not so subtle ways to create an entirely false narrative designed to prepare the product.
Declaring, implementing and perpetuating the hoax called the war on drugs can now be seen as an act of treason through the eyes of reason. 
Google’s news feed recently featured a story about humans being the super predator on the planet. Its difficult to fathom the degree to which the human animal has sharpened its predatory knife on its own kind. The ability to be simultaneously oblivious acts as a lubricant to the cultural bio machine.
Super Predator Economies based on destroying countries and breaking people rely on systemic brain damage starting with the horrifying moment we are squeezed out of our womb into the most alien and dehumanizing place possible - a hospital. Another downward spiral is born. Broken super predators need lots of love. 

The vampire represents a super predator who preys on humans for their blood. Thru vampire eyes humans can be seen as cattle. We love to observe this vampire super predator in various scenarios and over time they’ve become sympathetic and even cool. The camera gives us their perspective and somehow shockingly we find ourselves relating to what once was portrayed as a monster by the late great Boris Karloff. We look underneath the mask and gasp as we find the human. And then we look beneath the human mask and we find the super predator...