Sunday, February 07, 2016

Pupils made of protons

I got pupils made of protons
Seeing electrons I never elected.
I’m neutral about neutrons.
Beneath that 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

No Title by Michael Byrne

No Title by Michael Byrne

Angry Sun by Michael Byrne

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I was just told by my girlfriend that her brother will be arriving at approximately1AM to pitch a tent somewhere within the confines of our small 1 bedroom apartment.

"He's allergic to cats!" She scowls sharply at me for fouling her mood with my silly question.

The Dyson Pet and Allergy Vacuum broads silently in the closet.

The perfect escape goat will most likely be safely asleep in the bedroom with ear plugs, eyeshades and cats.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quantum entanglement encounters the horizon line and nothing will ever be the same again.

"Smoking is Fundamental" original artwork by Michael Byrne

Original art work by Michael Byrne called "We Got This"

Friday, September 25, 2015

How to get in shape without trying? Ditch your car.

 These last 6 months I have put in more bike miles than the previous decade. All it took was my timing belt's impromptu demise and my integral Intergra was no longer my chariot. The clock had struck midnight as we drove on the 150. Combine no car with a nice mountain bike and increased bike activity becomes the norm. We find our self in a decent level of shape without even trying. Now, just add several fun trails - many less than 4 miles from your doorstep - to the equation. Suddenly, you realize the inaccessible trails are now not just accessible - they are rocking and you are rolling. Funner than just about anything. The key to making this your reality: consistency - bike nearly every day and recuperate. Take a day or two off. Rest. Relax. Enjoy the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors while they last then got your ass back out there.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Read it and Leap

The day the constitution died again - I was just a kid programmed by the TV to just say no. Regardless of how well this campaign prepared the weakest of the American herd for incarceration, slaughter and brain damage - and it did do that - we cannot overstate how poisonous and unsustainable the calculated authoritative response to nefariously motivated think tank inventions. These guys were fucking poets. 'Epidemic of drug use', 'Drug War', 'Crack babies.' 'Crack whores' etc. You'd think orbiting death and suffering might get a bit old. A tad stale. One might think. TV has various methods of preparing its product for the corporations who pay it. How much did the Reagans get for betraying the republic? Perhaps they merely needed pats on the back, flattery and scripts. Does it matter? What matters is that the prison industrial complex has grown to be the number 2 complex in America. Number 1 being the military industrial complex. Think about this. The top two complexes in our country revolve around destroying, incarcerating and breaking people. Both these complexes being inherently destructive demand debt based economies. Weapons have no value when the currency has no place for war. 
The next death of the constitution began with the calculated misuse of a 3 letter word. Let’s suspend the constitution. Not only that, lets bypass ethics, morality etc. Anything that gets in our way. So simple. War. Declare war. Now, when your product is people you’re faced with a problem. People can read write and communicate with each other. So, when harvesting people’s your business you certainly don’t want to spook the herd. So declare war on drugs. Now authority has no restraints because its war: 1) Constitution is suspended, 2) open season on the weakest of the American herd, 3) Corporate sponsored media outlets contribute in subtle and not so subtle ways to create an entirely false narrative designed to prepare the product.
Declaring, implementing and perpetuating the hoax called the war on drugs can now be seen as an act of treason through the eyes of reason. 
Google’s news feed recently featured a story about humans being the super predator on the planet. Its difficult to fathom the degree to which the human animal has sharpened its predatory knife on its own kind. The ability to be simultaneously oblivious acts as a lubricant to the cultural bio machine.
Super Predator Economies based on destroying countries and breaking people rely on systemic brain damage starting with the horrifying moment we are squeezed out of our womb into the most alien and dehumanizing place possible - a hospital. Another downward spiral is born. Broken super predators need lots of love. 

The vampire represents a super predator who preys on humans for their blood. Thru vampire eyes humans can be seen as cattle. We love to observe this vampire super predator in various scenarios and over time they’ve become sympathetic and even cool. The camera gives us their perspective and somehow shockingly we find ourselves relating to what once was portrayed as a monster by the late great Boris Karloff. We look underneath the mask and gasp as we find the human. And then we look beneath the human mask and we find the super predator...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Black hole proton

Singular proton
You're everywhere at once you know
Like a god
The reflection became
The animal
The animus 
The anima
Inside all of us
The labyrinth 
Our consciousness 
Like a Klein bottle
In a sea of 

Black hole proton 
Won't you turn on
Illuminate my brain again 
Black hole proton
Black hole proton

Amnesia my old friend
Makes forever look better when
There is an end
Forgotten memories
Act Like curtains to hide
how much is uncertain all the time 
Perspective has a way of capturing
The past and conveniently omitting that
Each proton within your sphere
Remember who and what and where 

Black hole proton 
Won't you turn on
Illuminate my brain again 
Black hole proton
Black hole proton

A single point
Yet everywhere at once as well
Perspective combined with
Pin hole gland
Key hole sand
Truly finding peace within
The eye of the hurricane
Then passing though
The eye of the needle
Like a thread on a loom
Becoming fabric
And then let go of


Monday, August 24, 2015


If I could keep time in my pocket... well now I do!! Thanks to the #iFlip I have been able to travel both forwards and backwards in time in a style virtually unheard of in the cut throat time traveler fashion industry. Pulverized e-waste sand captured within hand crafted hour glass shaped aluminum is obviously not for everyone because lets face it, not every one wants to time travel. It's like trying to free cage-free humans singing songs in the factory about open doors that will soon be shut. What time is it?


"It’s how we wait, and what we wait for. There are the sculptures and the stickers. We are hoping that people take the stickers and put them in places where they wait for things, take a photo and hashtag #pinwheelofdeath." ~ Evan Desmond Yee (multimedia artist behind “Start-Up,”)  
The #Pinwheelofdeath and friends are waiting for  you:        
The Fueled Collective is an 18,000 square foot co-working office space in Soho - NYC 
The Collective was started by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner as a new business to complement the company's lucrative app development firm, Fueled.

Evan Desmond Yee has transformed a portion of Fueled Collective's office space into an homage to Apple Store imagery. The end result being a type of instant archeology. In this age where novelty has become obsolete all we are left with is broken devices with forgotten purposes. Children today do not know what a phone icon is when they see it. Many kids have never seen a phone mouth piece from 70s/80s before the cell 'your soul' phone. 

<<This concept piece alone makes me want to fly to NYC and hop in a cab straight to the show "Start-Up" in order to get a bunch of these #pinwheelofdeath stickers.  Probably good I'm not going to be able to - I'd get greedy and grab too many! Yes, you heard me, i actually just considered an East Coast visit. Paradoxically, I'd have quite a bit of line waiting to experience in order to gain access to these amazing stickers. I myself am a big fan of stickers. Luckily, no one will have to see me stuffing my pockets with all of the #pinwheelofdeath stickers like I was Joey Chestnut in a hot dog factory - before making a mad dash out of the madcap answer to the question of what happens to Apple if a wormhole passes through it and how many will notice?

And then I see gentle Evan smirking and waiting in line with his amazing machine, the #pinwheelofdeath and I realize I want to scream:

"EVAN DESMOND!!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT! You can capitalize on this lovely opportunity and practice a standing mediation perfected by masters buried under aeons of time slowly crushing everything except diamonds like this simple set of basic body mechanics and breath centered movement which transcend the intelligence of any one individual suggesting a language based on movement within time nested within time powered by gravity which originates from stillness outside of time!!"

Of course I'd stop myself before uttering a sound and realize that I am screaming at the choir. Of course Evan knows this! He's actually not waiting. He's acting. He's shooting a video! I Get It!

(Part II of a multi part series set to continue...)
In a world where image can dictate perception and thus herd reality, its nice to see the Apple Visual Imaging System reconstructed in retro style like a never released film starring Andy Warhol as the Aluminum Surfer.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Color Blind

I have a friend
He won't talk to me
And he's drinking his way to

We used to play
Ensembles fit for aliens
Now we're curling
Up in balls

Dreaming landscapes
Bleeding time
We're all in prisms
Color blind

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Ray Donovan has hit its stride and is now currently the best series on TV

Here we are in season 3 of Showtime's gritty drama: Ray Donovan. After watching the first 3 episodes of season 3 I find myself in awe and at a loss of how to combine my words to even hint at how great this show has become.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

brain stem heavy

I wonder if the brain stem centered authority model - that appears almost ubiquitous whenever human groups reach a saturation point - mirrors the collective individual’s brain system. If so, we need an army of psychologists dressed up like ancient televisions parading around like solar powered trees. Images stolen from fossilized surveillance footage recovered from God. NSFW