Monday, April 15, 2019

Can’t See the Forest for the Barcode

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Barcode Colored Glasses

Thursday, October 05, 2017

All Are Chosen

All are chosen
Few can realize
Their true nature
Buried in lies
Shovel fed dogma
Laced with trauma
Processed packaged
Global genocide

We come here to gather
To focus ferocious love
For Gaia our planet
Who's dreaming everything
Around us inside us
The spaces in between

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The interesting thing about certain Christians is that they prefer their christs on a cross where they can watch them suffer on their behalf. Quite flattering to say the least.

Interesting tidbits regarding soldiers: Armies attract those who are least able to handle uncertainty. We can look at this as a process of filtration. Those most vulnerable to the targeted advertising of the merchants of death, will be those least equipped to deal with uncertainty. 

Thus, what makes a soldier effective in one area makes them utterly ineffective in other areas where uncertainty is a requirement eg. political science, introspection, compassion, spirituality etc.

We can now observe in carefully concocted double blind Facebook threads that basic training is basic brain washing which leads to basic brain damage. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Identify with consciousness

When Bruce Lee said "Be like water", he was speaking beyond the physical. He was speaking of the mind. When water freezes it cracks. Same with the mind. When the mind identifies with an identity - it freezes. With enough scrutiny we can see the cracks and flaws in every label, every word and every thought. Better to see all of these abstractions as probability clouds. This can help us leave space for uncertainty. Let your mind be like water. Identify with consciousness.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Evening of the playing field

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ~Voltaire

"There's a sucker born every minute." ~P. T. Barnum

 “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”
~Winston Churchill

 “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” – Napoleon Hill

 A Manipulator's task is to always throw a little something into the works. Learn how to help every one achieve what they want. It will, in the end, destroy them. ~Dr Christopher Hyatt

Used properly, paranoia is an ideal weapon to create false and misleading struggles which burn the energy of everyone involved. Paranoia is a simple misdirection virus. ~Dr Christopher Hyatt

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan (a.k.a. Sally Wagon, or Dragon Sally, or Downtrodden Sally or Lazy Zan-Zu) is a turntable (rotating tray) placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food. ~Wikipedia

A brother and I remain divided regarding glaring political dramas currently dominating the world stage. The impasse appears to be based on an inability to find the common ground of authenticity. I am fascinated by this divide because I think it is emblematic of the division occurring now in the collective American psyche.

Ira Glass recently aired a story on This American Life  which unveiled the mechanics behind the David Copperfield illusion which made the statue of Liberty appear to disappear.

It turns out, the entire audience was on a giant Lazy Susan. When the curtain raised blocking the view of Liberty, the congregation rotated on a giant turntable unawares that their perspective had changed. 

You see, it all revolves around the point of view and the agendas of those controlling the point of view. A way to not be tricked, punked & socially engineered by these clever media magicians is to get off of your comfortable position. Get off the turntable. Gather as many viewpoints as possible. Settle on none. Broaden your perspective. Embrace uncertainty. Update accordingly. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Surf report for Sunday 26th of March 2017

The waves paraded around in a jumbled mess while the horizon spun to meet the sun. I managed to pop up on a bunch of in and outs. Rollers and sections combined to frustrate those of us floating on anything but long boards. I was on a performance longboard 8'6 and would have been better off on a 9 ft log.  The current flowed towards the pier as is the norm but it was deceptively strong. We were always paddling to stay in the same area.  Launching on the right wave required patience, discernment and luck. I found solace in just being able to pop up.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ticket to the Present {excerpt 1}

Religions and governments act like dams for many cage free humans. These same censorship practices exist within all our psyches - singularly - so it should be of no surprise to see this pattern continued in the macro ripples. How much knowledge can you take in? Is it possible to drown in data? How do you determine integrity? What has been replacing the clogged institutionalized information filtration systems? In this case, ignorance is not just bliss, it appears necessary for the prevalent operating system to exist."

~MK Byrne (excerpt from Ticket to the Present: Antidotes for mass hysteria)

Monday, January 02, 2017

24 vs La La

I parked behind my destination in a parking garage, crossed a side street and then walked around 2 corners before reaching the entrance. The gym felt & looked clean. Most of the people working held their head high and wore warm smiles.  The girls at the desk all were upbeat and friendly - schooled well on how to win over the 3 day passers like myself. The manager made me feel at home and could probably see jacuzzis swirling in my eyes because he kept the orientation super brief, asked a couple questions and then I was let loose. The locker room was uncrowded. I did not have a lock so I spent about 3 minutes figuring out how to use one of the comped ones. Entering the pool from the men’s locker room means the first thing you see is the pool. I walked along it, 25 yards in length, 3 lanes watching the 2 swimmers. One used a snorkel, the other had flippers. Together, i think, they’d be complete. I walk around the corner and see R’s shiny bald head sticking out of the jacuzzi. Expressionless except for his eyes. His eyes are screaming something. I can’t hear them. It’s like they’re 20 thousand leagues under the sea... I join him in the hot water. It has a capacity of 24 people. The thought of 24 people in here stuffed like sardines sends a cold tingle up my spine. R's already paid for a year. He wants me to join. R talks up 24. I listen. R talks down 24’s less expensive competition, La La. It’s a class issue in his mind. You pay less but the people there are from a lower class, a lower stock. It’s New Year’s Day and thankfully, its not crowded in the jacuzzi or pool. I end up swimming 250 yards free style and a 100 yards back stroke. Later, my burning eyes spent many hours reminding me of why its a good idea to wear goggles when swimming in diluted chlorine. 

The steam room felt nice. I breathed in the Eucalyptus infused vapor encouraging my body to relax and release. R tells me how some guests pour water over the thermostat to make more steam. It breaks then. Takes a couple weeks to fix. I can barely see him. It’s supremely steamy. R tells me that the women never go in the steam room. They think it’s 'gross'.

Back in the big square 24 capacity jacuzzi, I quietly share a pattern to R. “The girls all wear clothes in the sauna.” R just stares. I whisper: "They’re wearing sneakers too.” 
R stares at me with his silently screaming bulging eyes. He speaks: “Yah, they’re not supposed ta wear shoes in there. Every once in a while someone complains and then 24 kicks the rule breakers out of the sauna.”

Gym culture has changed since the last gym I belonged to. I’m stunned. R and I discussed this custom a bit but the initial confusion I felt while sitting in the sauna with these three women, remained They all had all their clothes on - sneakers too! And their ears and eyes were plugged into their smart phones. No one looked at anyone. No one made a sound. Later in the jacuzzi, R tells me: “Yah. It’s coed. And nobody wants to have to talk to anyone.” I just stare. “Yah, its too dirty for them. They think it’s gross.”

“Isn’t it too hot for a smart phone in there?” “Hey, they're probably afraid to bring their phones into the steam room. Clearly, the steam room is hostile to smart phones.”

R just stares at me. A few beats later, he says “Yah.” 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The presidential election is rigged.

Hillary was a shoe-in for 2016 before Obama was sworn in - in 2008. The presidential election is rigged. It is a farce. And it doesn't even have to be hidden anymore because enough Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the time they reach the voting age. Many of us have our entire psyche invested in the dominant delusions - (We live in a democracy, voting is our civic duty, our votes count for something, we must go to war to protect obsolete fossil fuels or preserve democracy or topple a dictator, the earth was created for humans to exploit etc.). Most are incapable of recovering from the cavernous disillusionment that occurs when we realize we have been living in a tree of lies our entire lives. A snake sheds its skin when it's ready. It's much easier for people to label others as idealistic etc then to examine and debug their own personal operating system. We live in an age where free thinkers have become the scapegoats. It appears to me that the USA has an autoimmune disease which has systemically spread to other parts of the world.