Monday, August 24, 2015


If I could keep time in my pocket... well now I do!! Thanks to the #iFlip I have been able to travel both forwards and backwards in time in a style virtually unheard of in the cut throat time traveler fashion industry. Pulverized e-waste sand captured within hand crafted hour glass shaped aluminum is obviously not for everyone because lets face it, not every one wants to time travel. It's like trying to free cage-free humans singing songs in the factory about open doors that will soon be shut. What time is it?


"It’s how we wait, and what we wait for. There are the sculptures and the stickers. We are hoping that people take the stickers and put them in places where they wait for things, take a photo and hashtag #pinwheelofdeath." ~ Evan Desmond Yee (multimedia artist behind “Start-Up,”)  
The #Pinwheelofdeath and friends are waiting for  you:        
The Fueled Collective is an 18,000 square foot co-working office space in Soho - NYC 
The Collective was started by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner as a new business to complement the company's lucrative app development firm, Fueled.

Evan Desmond Yee has transformed a portion of Fueled Collective's office space into an homage to Apple Store imagery. The end result being a type of instant archeology. In this age where novelty has become obsolete all we are left with is broken devices with forgotten purposes. Children today do not know what a phone icon is when they see it. Many kids have never seen a phone mouth piece from 70s/80s before the cell 'your soul' phone. 

<<This concept piece alone makes me want to fly to NYC and hop in a cab straight to the show "Start-Up" in order to get a bunch of these #pinwheelofdeath stickers.  Probably good I'm not going to be able to - I'd get greedy and grab too many! Yes, you heard me, i actually just considered an East Coast visit. Paradoxically, I'd have quite a bit of line waiting to experience in order to gain access to these amazing stickers. I myself am a big fan of stickers. Luckily, no one will have to see me stuffing my pockets with all of the #pinwheelofdeath stickers like I was Joey Chestnut in a hot dog factory - before making a mad dash out of the madcap answer to the question of what happens to Apple if a wormhole passes through it and how many will notice?

And then I see gentle Evan smirking and waiting in line with his amazing machine, the #pinwheelofdeath and I realize I want to scream:

"EVAN DESMOND!!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT! You can capitalize on this lovely opportunity and practice a standing mediation perfected by masters buried under aeons of time slowly crushing everything except diamonds like this simple set of basic body mechanics and breath centered movement which transcend the intelligence of any one individual suggesting a language based on movement within time nested within time powered by gravity which originates from stillness outside of time!!"

Of course I'd stop myself before uttering a sound and realize that I am screaming at the choir. Of course Evan knows this! He's actually not waiting. He's acting. He's shooting a video! I Get It!

(Part II of a multi part series set to continue...)
In a world where image can dictate perception and thus herd reality, its nice to see the Apple Visual Imaging System reconstructed in retro style like a never released film starring Andy Warhol as the Aluminum Surfer.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Color Blind

I have a friend
He won't talk to me
And he's drinking his way to

We used to play
Ensembles fit for aliens
Now we're curling
Up in balls

Dreaming landscapes
Bleeding time
We're all in prisms
Color blind

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Ray Donovan has hit its stride and is now currently the best series on TV

Here we are in season 3 of Showtime's gritty drama: Ray Donovan. After watching the first 3 episodes of season 3 I find myself in awe and at a loss of how to combine my words to even hint at how great this show has become.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

brain stem heavy

I wonder if the brain stem centered authority model - that appears almost ubiquitous whenever human groups reach a saturation point - mirrors the collective individual’s brain system. If so, we need an army of psychologists dressed up like ancient televisions parading around like solar powered trees. Images stolen from fossilized surveillance footage recovered from God. NSFW

Saturday, July 04, 2015


Taking the confederate flag down, or banning it is a symbolic gesture much like breaking a champagne bottle on the bow of a brand new sea vessel. May this bold ship leave port ASAP.

Monday, June 29, 2015

True Detective season 2: A Stranded Overloaded Mule

My girlfriend and I both lost interest in last night's episode of True Detective (season 2) and turned it off. It's like a stranded  mule overloaded with vices like a glitzy Las Vegas Xmas tree in a casino where all the dealers are insane. 
On a character level: No one is interesting or relatable. 
Storyline: Not sure if there is one. 

Conclusion: Its like they cut the brilliant cinematic skin right off Season 1 and draped it over some cancelled cop show made in the early 2000s. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015


What happens when I forgive myself

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bridle Danger

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Metamorphosis of aTrance

Death teaches us one thing - from our personal perspective - everything appears temporary. Our time here in the current body we inhabit is temporary. That being said, what can be more transient than beliefs? Beliefs can be known as perspectives or even viewpoints. The lesson can be: camp light, use a tent. No matter how spectacular a view may be - don’t build a house there. The consequence of digging in: Entrenchment, can be considered a misappropriation of time. Answer: No one owns time. Time being a measurement of change.
Lose your viewpoint to find the wave. Cultivate the excitement that naturally arises when we learn to see our own individual position as a launching pad. Don’t camp out at the airport. Religions have been built in airports. What’s more mad than scaring everyone to stay in the airport? Answer: When no one remembers that they are even in an airport.

Sometimes, a view appears so great that people build a castle to defend, protect and live in. Pretty soon the view becomes obscured and forgotten. Don’t forget about the moat. 

If you do find yourself stuck in a castle, the trance ninja uses the opportunity to observe the pros and cons of archaic religions. How they can provide a safe trance for the insecure consciousness. The trance ninja bides their time and builds their rhyme. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Cultural consciousness has a shed full of landscaping tools. The tool of choice: I give you the lawnmower in all its inefficient opulent sit down glory. Many humans can be seen as blades of grass in a fair way where self anointed land lords lord about unaware of the course of their Shakespearian disease which is cured by golf.

Friday, June 12, 2015

gather harmonies

Just like what's happening to the Orcas in Sea World seems to be happening to us. This can change with enough people pooling their imaginations to gather harmonies that don't harm any.

No sides many trances

There are no sides but many trances. When you put yourself on a side you're stuck in a trance. Break it.