Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead end

Stolen pale House people aaaah auh
Built the big house steeple aaaah auh
That’s where you live aaaah auh
Trapped inside a prison aaaah auh
Only left with rage aaaah auh
Is that why you kill people? aaaah auh

And then I heard you say aaaah auh
Go ahead eat guns aaaah auh
Go ahead drink gas aaaah auh
Go ahead eat shit aaaah auh

You don’t have any feelings aaaah auh
So Imagine how it feels aaaah auh
To hear your children screaming aaaah auh
To hear your children dying aaaah auh
It doesn’t mean a thing aaaah auh
soul has left the building aaaah auh [church bells]

The one who’s at the wheel aaaah auh
Doesn’t have eye balls aaaah auh
I would rather die aaaah auh
Than be a lying puppet aaaah auh

I know that you are gone aaaah auh
Alcohol kills brains cells aaaah auh
But I guess it doesn’t matter aaaah auh

And then I heard you say aaaah auh
Go ahead eat bombs aaaah auh
Go ahead eat land mines aaaah auh
Go ahead eat machine guns aaaah auh

It doesn’t meant a thing aaaah auh
Because their not your children aaaah auh
Your legacy is death aaaah auh
That’s why we’re in a dead end aaaah auh

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holding hands

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Pierce the veil

'...they[demos] appear weak and frightened even though they are the majority.' - spk

To take this a step further. They[demos] are weak and frightened[props]. Our donkey vs. elephant circus can be likened to the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals. In other words, the USA does not[ever read Noam Chomsky?] have a 2 party system. One only needs to look at the actions of each admistration over say... the past 50 years[for starters] - as opposed to the rhetoric[fnord] - to remove that General Electric veil. It is a show. A kind of hamster wheel for misguided folks - who I certainly believe have good intentions but are unable to pierce the tightly woven holy fabric of propaganda.

Hercules is to Christ like Pro Wrestling is to Politics... not many will get this one.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The war against intelligence

Love is always tainted thru the human filter like light thru a spectrum - refraction is inevitable. Rainbows are light waves divided – suffering, a pecking order of shades of blue other colors have become taboo.

Martha and Paris were scapegoats for Bush and Cheney – will it work?

We do not need anymore body doubles.

What came first the particle or the wave?

The journey back to the heart is a dangerous one; fraught with peril but the alternative is the same old broken record song by the brain stem and the hooligans. Fight or flight, fight or flight, fight or flight…. Our poli-cushions have honed this song for four hundred and fifteen years. Starting with chicken pox warfare somehow leading to the Xmas present war on horror movies starring the boogey man.

20 score and 15 years ago a bunch of monkeys sailed across the ocean and began to rape and pillage – they have never stopped. Apes wrote on bark and then later papyrus. The stories collected, festered and altered based on the whims of the latest hydra heads singing fight or flight from reason fight and right or treason this is a deadly season. We invented the atom in the evening and darkness is the seasoning.

12 score and 11 years ago a bunch of monkeys used feathers and ink to preserve their territory ending a war about territory but no one seems to have the constitution to digest the information the junk food nation running out of room to store the frustration hiding, rewinding but this does not change the commercialization of spiritualization.

Like a rotten tooth, our satanic administration is poisoning the nation we need a corporate root canal without a nuclear crown. We don’t need another election – too late – we need a special dentist to remove the corruption. We’ll take that old tooth and put it on top of the dirty polluted pillow that is Texas. The tooth fairy is not allowed to marry but he’ll still give ya a Lexus.

5 years and 9 months and 13 days ago a bunch of monkeys punked the nation and the rest of the world could smell the fish burning thousands of miles away. Trick or pain sick of rain global ball and Cheney looks like its time to pay the piper.

The journey back to the start is a long and winding maze the end of a faze of a frozen moon giant steps are what you take holding on to a balloon I hope the string don’t break holding on a balloon. We can talk forever holding on a balloon. I hope my string don’t break holding on holding on a balloooon.

Some may say, I’m surfing my daze away, OK. Tomorrow’s another wave – I may as well play. Da da dauhhh… keep it up. It only makes me smarter.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

'Gitmo' concentration camp is closing...

Now, lets put the real criminals in prison, you know, the ones squatting in the White House. Crimes against humanity is as serious as it gets. Time to put an end to the 50 year fiasco.
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Transitions: Final Entry by Steve Sprikle
I have written a column for the alternative agriculture journal ACRES,USA since 1998 and this is the last one.

Dr. Weil... suggested that the diabetes epidemic among young people that is upon us now, largely the result of the preponderance of high-fructose corn sweeteners in foods and beverages, will in time evolve into an epidemic of early-onset coronary heart disease for people in their thirties. This circumstance is nothing short of institutionally legitimized suicide. We are paying now to protect and promote unhealthful crops and foods and we will pay much more dearly in the future for the health care required to mitigate the suffering being self inflicted with each swallow.

August 2007

Michael Pollan, the author of the enviro must-read best seller Ominvore’s Dilemma and Dr. Andrew Weil, food and nutrition sage and author, have been actively campaigning this season for a complete overhaul of the federal farm bill. Every five years the USDA and congress create a legislative blueprint for public policy on many aspects of agriculture. If you want to affect the outcome, act soon; the House of Representatives will debate the measure towards the end of July.

Many other perhaps lesser known and more lightly taken critics of government food and farming policy than Weil and Pollan have been speaking out, however what marks the Weil-Pollan movement is the heat with which these normally staid fellows have been attacking our long-standing policies at the United States Department of Agriculture. Since both of them have been guests on the Oprah Winfrey show, the peerless cultural litmus-test, the message they deliver can resonate louder because Weil and Pollan have star-power name-recognition.

A crowd of us went south to San Diego to hear Pollan and Weil at a national nutrition conference hosted by the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine. There were few farmers, and probably few sundry consumer types there, but there were hundreds of doctors, hospital administrators, professional nutritionists and medical school people in attendance.

The message, a simple one readers of ACRES will recognize, is that bad agricultural policy is equivalent to a bad public health policy. We are growing food and harvesting disease. It can not be said any clearer. Dr. Weil implored the notable attendees to criticize that policy openly and especially to congress in order to transform the way we have designed our public policy with regard to agriculture.

According to Weil and Pollan, one way to alter our perception of the paradox is to think of the legislation not as a farm bill but as a food bill. In so doing, more people would get wise to the fact that the food the government publicly promotes, and pays for with our money, are merely surplus calories we need not consume. It also is food for livestock which ends up being a direct subsidy to the meat processor/marketing industry. And both bad meat and sugar are the end products which only benefit the few biotech and chemical corporations which control what is produced on millions of acres of US farmland each year. The rest of us are buying a job. Beyond our borders, the dominance of the corn/soybean/livestock hegemony in the US eventually commands farm policy and nutrition possibilities in the larger foreign producer-nations that are equally as friendly to the bad product that Monsanto, Pioneer, et. al, have brought to our communal table. It’s a global crises in health and in farming. US policy is global policy.

It was a foregone conclusion that the money pipeline these farm bills authorize, from the US Treasury to the agricultural community, would be gamed ultimately so that monopolies like Monsanto are the biggest beneficiary. They are so good at it, they expect us to kick around poor people getting food stamps instead of pay attention to their institutional corporate larceny. Cover Iowa with Roundup, we don’t care. The bottomline benefit to Monsanto, et al, is at least 10 and probably more like 20 billion. They have nearly done away with the competition, just as have Cargill and Archer-Daniels-Midland, linking seeds to the chemicals they make, linking intentional overproduction to artificial price levels that assure continued use of the chemicals, continued purchase of the seed, and continuance of the dire food system.

This is why Monsanto’s people frequently are appointed to oversee the USDA, FDA and the EPA. The notion that this decades long relationship is a conflict of interest presupposes that there was some other intent. Take care to stow such trivialities, because collusion and secular sins like conflict of interest no longer interest arbiters of law nor lovers of ethics.

We will take this opportunity to reiterate that public monies supporting private production are inadmissible practices according to the international trade treaties mandated by the same people now preparing to extend the humiliating paradox another five years.

Dr. Weil described a health care system increasingly burdened by avoidable epidemics of our own making. And he deplored the nutritional quality of most hospital food, calling it a “professional disgrace”, to find hospitals outsourcing factory food even fast food style meals for patients and encountering junk-food dispensers there. He called on health professionals to pledge to change the dietary regime in their hospitals and clinics. He called on the public to demand better patient care, because only the best food is medicine.

Dr. Weil noted that it has been strongly established that a “ plant based diet is a superior alternative” to a diet based on processed foods and industrial meat production. He suggested that the diabetes epidemic among young people that is upon us now, largely the result of the preponderance of high-fructose corn sweeteners in foods and beverages, will in time evolve into an epidemic of early-onset coronary heart disease for people in their thirties. This circumstance is nothing short of institutionally legitimized suicide. We are paying now to protect and promote unhealthful crops and foods and we will pay much more dearly in the future for the health care required to mitigate the suffering being self inflicted with each swallow. The situation is about as bad as our continued tolerance of the tobacco industry. Perhaps its worse. They will never put dire health warnings on a can of Coke that says: Consumption of this product may cause diabetes, obesity, dental caries, heart disease and premature death.

The coming crises, like the present one, will affect middle and lower class wage-earners, those who are uninsured and are least prepared to pay for the kind of care needed. So our hospitals face another challenge that could be avoided with more thoughtful, even courageous policy.

Changing the name of the farm bill is only one way of helping people see that farm policy becomes food policy. Making clear the correlation between farming, food and health is another.

Public policy in agriculture regarding farm subsidies has been re-shaped for the past eighty years so that what was once a safety net for impoverished farmers has become a slush fund for the agricultural industry. There is nothing “ free-market”, “democratic” or “independent” about it, but its still draped with red, white and blue. Longstanding criticism of farm subsidies has exposed rich corporate recipients as undeserving, but this apparent scandal seems to leave us unmoved, decade after decade. We also are well versed in the relationship between subsidy recipients and members of congress who get some of the money kicked back in the form of campaign contributions. We seem to be inured to such behavior.

I have omitted criticism of biofuels, the new bonanza for Agribiz, only because of space limitations. But it’s the stupidest boondoggle since nuclear power-not that it surpasses it. Every day the sun bestows a kazillion killowats upon the earth, but, farm subsidies to the contrary, we seem to not appreciate gifts.

In June, the USDA’s National Organic Program seemed willing to abide by public pressure and not, for the moment, allow a number of conventional ingredients to be used in manufacturing certified organic products. A few food colorings and processing aids, the use of conventional intestines in organic sausage, and the use of conventional hops in making organic beer were all proposed and then quietly tabled. Another round of unnecessarily wasted energy and time was miraculously averted. Thank you to those who made this so. We have suggested in the past that the National Organic Standards Board and the staff at USDA merely elect to not deliberate such petitions when they arise. This is why they have been selected to make decisions. The criteria for allowances/exemptions are very clear in the law and have not been altered in the rules. If I petitioned for the use of plutonium as a disinfectant in my greenhouse, would any energy be consumed in deliberating such idiocy? If Budweiser can’t find enough organic hops, let them make less organic beer until the hops are available. If a scarcity of intestines exists, merely stamp out the sausage into patties. The hamburger is already sold in that form.

Elsewhere, we have identified a few organic farming practices that seem to be of some service. The little birds abide well in the term broccoli set side 
by side the newer seeded beds of beans and the transplanted tomatoes. 
The acrobats speed in and out of the blue broccoli, chasing down 
their prey and yet close by their shady refuge against an unforeseen 
strike from above or below. Hedge farming provides beneficial habitat 
for all nature, with an abundance of diversity assuring a homeostatic ecosphere en micro. Everybody truly gets theirs, nobody gets too 
much, and the blue bird, of the darkest sky blue sky, skims in out of 
the golden sun beguiled by a delicious grasshopper

This will be my last column. Its been ten years, which is a good run. I am parking it because I know there is much more going on in the realm of politics, organic regulation and in certification than I am able to study. You deserve someone who can tell you a month in advance what is important and not merely report a month too late on what transpired already. Out here on the edge I am not conscious of national and international concerns as I once was. I still regret any insults due to omission, lack of fact or zeal. I have enjoyed the relationship with my editors, especially with the enduringly patient Sam Bruce, who makes me sound an awful lot smarter than I really am, and with the members of the organic community I have met through my association with ACRES. I can not thank Fred Walters, which would be insufficient praise, because what he and his family print here is the most courageous journalism. I love you Charles. Thank you for the inspiration and for the loan of your indignation. I doubled my acreage and the horsepower in my tractor, so I better go pay for them now. Later.

Posted by Steve Sprinkel on June 23, 2007 06:52 AMPermalink author bio

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Novocaine for the soul


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beware of Armed Bananas

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Patriarch Day

When someone uses the same label [e.g. patriarchy] over and over and over, it is obvious to me that they have become entranced[fallen asleep] and have lost the ability to be receptive[learn]. You are not in a concrete reality. Your cart[mind] is pulling your horse[body]. Sorry to be the one to tell you but it's supposed to be the other way around. Do not worry though, because you are not alone. This is the American[Xian] way[creed before deed] and [this concept] is tougher for one to see than for a fish to real eyes the ubiquitous water they swim in. I know that your intentions are good but this is not enough[for me at least]. You[I] use your[my] 'good intentions' both as a bludgeon and as a shield and your[my] prowess at this keeps you[me] blind to their actual effects[self-hypnosis and alienating potential allies].

Let me take this a step further and spell out the ongoing paradox that has now become obvious to me. You do not walk your talk. You continually pay lip service to 'receptivity' but all you do is dominate these threads with the same old drivel. Your continual putdown of 'men' has led me to believe that an internal obstacle has frustrated you to the extent that you have given[gave] up on yourself. There actually is no such thing as patriarchy or matriarchy. They do not exist alone and are merely polarity points on the same wheel. Both are needed and healthy animals have access to both.

I suggest you begin to learn to love your masculinity and femininity as polar aspects of the same energy. Try this: When you have a judgment such as: "men are bad" as soon as possible follow it up with "men are good". When you are able to reduce the interval[timelag] to 0 you will then access a third point of awareness and you may begin to go beyond duality.

'I am a woman at heart using this male body'. This sounds an awful lot like a twisted reincarnation of original sin. The art of a beautiful personality is the ability to dominate and submit - effortlessly slipping back and forth and not getting attached to either.

So much mush about the evil patriarchy and the amazing matriarchy. The advent of agriculture created surplus and with it hierarchal class systems, towns, cities, wars etc. Agriculture is a matriarchal invention (see: Escape from the Nineteenth Century by Peter Lamborn Wilson) We are where we are because of human interaction with this particular g class planet.

In conclusion: If you can recognize how difficult it is for you to be 'receptive' you may gain insight into how hard it is for the rest of us[both men and women have this prob by the way]. Having found the inherent contradiction within the flotsam of your unedited, unpolished diatribes[yeah, there's a few exceptions which prove the rule], I can now go to sleep.

These are some concepts I've been 'playing with’ over the years. You are a perfect lab rat and I thank you for being honest with your contradictions and [maybe too]generous with your words. Hope you don't mind. Happy Patriarch Day!
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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today's lesson: Do not let a dog near your face. 77% of all dog bites happen on the face - according to this website that I am too lazy to link. I guess I was lucky that it did not go for my jugular or an eye or nose. I am still reeling from the experience of feeling the teeth sink into my cheek and then holding on for a second. I screamed like a girl, utterly shocked, reflexively jerked back my head, stood up, left the room. Soon after, I could feel the warm blood on my cheek and then dripping on my foot as i stood in the kitchen. I am not someone who lacks canine experience. Quite the contrary, my dog experience is fairly extensive. This was probably my downfall - overconfidence. The i-ching told me to 'Romance my obstacles'. This is not what I have been doing. It told me to 'remove corruption or face an anticlimatic death'. I'm sitting on a big couch watching 'Apocalypto'. The dog brushes up against my leg, I pick it up, sit it next to me on its hind legs, rub its belly - done this literally hundreds of times. I hear a low growl escape its mouth and a tenth of a second later, the sucker has clamped down on my cheek just below the eye and next to my nose.

I've never been bit by a dog on the face before. Quite a shock. This is not something I shall soon forget. I'll never let a dog near my face again.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Vivoleum[Vitroleum], Solves Global Warming and Peak Oil


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Governor Perdue:
I am extemely displeased to hear of the plight of Genarlow Wilson.
There is a storm cloud over the state of Georgia and its been there
for 27 months. Genarlow must recieve reparations for this classic
demonstration of discrimination leading to false imprisonment. You can
end this nonsense by pardoning this young man and giving him
significant compensation.

I have vacationed in the fine state of Georgia but will never return
unless this crisis is properly resolved.

Please remove the attorney general immediately. His appeal compounds a
grave injustice and reveals his severe and dangerous incompetence.

Michael Byrne

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Phillip K Dick saw the future

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Free to Obey

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Sunday at Bart's Books

The last couple months I have been using the "free WiFi" at Bart's Books here and there. Recently, every time I accessed the internet thru Bart's, the WiFi would turn off after a couple minutes. Finally, today, I decided to inquire why. I was told that "I only take up space." And: "I have never bought anything." As far as the space issue goes, guilty, but aren't we all? As far as buying books goes, I bought 3 books sometime in the last month. When I suggested that we look at their written records, they refused. I even offered to show my I.D. but their expressionless faces were answer enough. I have given Bart's Books hundreds of books for a fraction of their cost - especially since the time of the new ownership. I have never taken cash from the new ownership and kept it on credit. Last year, I made an extra effort to mail 50 books from the E coast - specifically for Bart's as a way to thank them for their contribution to the Ojai community. What is the real reason for my being 'censored' then?

I recall a conversation I had with a certain pony-tailed manager just prior to my being 'banned'. The conversation concerned Subway's entrance into the Ojai core. Our opinions differed. He vehemently wants the Subway in town. I am opposed to franchises in our town. He said he'd 'gladly welcome Barnes and Nobel to set up shop accross the street". I did not argue. He asked where I stood and when I said 'opposed' he walked away. Soon after our conversation, my access started being denied, my contribution to their vast supply of books is now irrelevant. The many books I have purchased: irrelevant. The short haired manager who spoke to me today lied to my face. Maybe my mini docs struck a nerve. Not one person there had the backbone to be up front with me.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can you swim?

Who is the one that makes the lawn green?

There is no boundary between your imagination and your memory. This fact cannot be argued. The implications shatter any systems based on absolute truth. Language always lies (this is one of the exceptions which proves the rule). Religions serve as a mechanism for social control. Humans use religion as if it were a raft on which they can float and not use their own personal critical falculties - for further research explore: personal power. Thus, religion leads to a type of neural atrophy and creates coedependent humans who are easily manipulated by specialized and refined media advertising techniques; further research: imbibe Douglas Rushcoff's Media Virus. Religion is a great mask to hide behind as well. The believer can spend a lifetime hiding behind this disguise. Patriotism is religiousity is a raft is a mask of denial of your own ability to think. The bird that watches and the bird that does are in one tree. In another tree: The bird that says: "This is good." In that same tree another bird says: "That is bad." What tree are you in Birdman?

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wheelchair bumper man!


Wake up Amerika!!!

"The Military Commissions Act, which denies basic due process protections, including the right to habeas corpus, is a disgrace. But an even bigger disgrace is the concentration camp the United States maintains at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The Act should be repealed and the Guantánamo prison should be shut down immediately." - Counter Punch
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Electromagnetic spectrum

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

talking heads

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