Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan (a.k.a. Sally Wagon, or Dragon Sally, or Downtrodden Sally or Lazy Zan-Zu) is a turntable (rotating tray) placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food. ~Wikipedia

A brother and I remain divided regarding glaring political dramas currently dominating the world stage. The impasse appears to be based on an inability to find the common ground of authenticity. I am fascinated by this divide because I think it is emblematic of the division occurring now in the collective American psyche.

Ira Glass recently aired a story on This American Life  which unveiled the mechanics behind the David Copperfield illusion which made the statue of Liberty appear to disappear.

It turns out, the entire audience was on a giant Lazy Susan. When the curtain raised blocking the view of Liberty, the congregation rotated on a giant turntable unawares that their perspective had changed. 

You see, it all revolves around the point of view and the agendas of those controlling the point of view. A way to not be tricked, punked & socially engineered by these clever media magicians is to get off of your comfortable position. Get off the turntable. Gather as many viewpoints as possible. Settle on none. Broaden your perspective. Embrace uncertainty. Update accordingly.