Monday, February 26, 2007

human catapult


Lego Colbert


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electric avenue


lotta love


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Dream Weaver


ride like the wind




Is it the shoes?


Friday, February 23, 2007

Rocky Mountain High


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dancing Sony Robots


What's wrong with being bald?

Why is it such a big deal that Britney shaved her head bald? I think it looks good. Anyway, Britney gets a free Bardo Surf Board® for her efforts.

Episode 1


Singin' in the Rain


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What happened to Tim?

Tim is a hall of fame friend of the past whom I only speak with rarely and only when I call him. This happens every couple years or so. In 1993, we were both supposed to leave our hometowns together - via motorcycles - and head out to California. Tim never found a way to leave the east coast or even leave his hometown for that matter. Well, actually, Tim did leave his hometown of Easton for 7 years or so. He somehow managed to live in Manhattan for 7 years where he perfected the art of going from an active working member of society to being a drunken mess to finally leaving NYC destitute and moving back in with his parents. It kind of makes me think of Sid Barrett, the deceased founder of Pink Floyd. One night, during a performance, Sid quit, stepped off the stage and walked home 30 miles or so where he lived out the rest of his days with his mum. This same fate seems to have befallen my old chum Tim. It would have been cooler if Tim Just walked home to Easton from Manhattan one grey, rainy October day: Hair all crazy, a forty gripped by his right hand firmly enough to whiten knuckles, a determined stride but just off-balanced enough to give the aura of danger. Yeah, it is sad whichever way you slice it but that’s how I’d have wanted it to go down. Instead, Tim found a way to delay his inevitable return to Easton, for 2 additional years without paying rent or electricity or water. Yeah, the electric company turned off his electricity right away but don’t worry about that one; that is what neighbors and extension cords are for, right? He and his brother Denis, squatted their own apartment, using candles for light and taking showers with a hose connected to a kind neighbor’s faucet. Life was pretty sweet until the cops finally showed up armed with eviction papers, pepper spray and handcuffs. Time to scram. Tim’s fortress of empty 40 oz cans and amber bottles failed miserably to protect him but it sure made a nice temporary monument to celebrate his quest for self-destruction.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

He stalked himself

He stalked himself into submersion
And accidentally learned to breathe underwater
He stalked himself into obsession
And discovered artifacts buried underground
He stalked himself into subversion
Forgoing the legion for an other version
He dreamed himself into oblivion
He dreamed himself into obsidian
He dreamed himself into other worlds
He stalked himself into a shadow
With no beginning and no end
He stalked himself into a spotlight
It sure is easy to make friends
He stalked himself into elation
Its alright to smile once in a while
He dreamed himself into a billion
He dreamed himself into an emerald
He dreamed himself into a 5star hotel
He stalked himself into illusion
Welcome to the hotel called confusion
He stalked himself into a movie
He was the actor director and the screen
He stalked himself into conversion
And that’s the last that I have heard of him
He dreamed himself into tangerine
He dreamed himself into key lime green
He dreamed himself into blue ivory sky


The eyes of the species could see where we were going but the blind and deaf brainstem remained firmly in control with its veto power over the adrenal glands, heart, lungs and cortex tissue in general.

Before we do anything, we always build some kind of tracks. This can apply to just about anything. War, for instance. Say you want to start dropping some bombs on your competitor or maybe shoot up some enemies of the state with your cool missiles from a battleship chilling in the gulf. Hey go for it, no biggie, let the boys have their fun. And hey, lets get some good footage, send a decent cinematograher over there and give me some art!

Lets get back on track. If you are going to bomb anyone for a sustained amount of time, then there will have to be some money changing hands, each bomb costs millions, so, before an invasion can happen, the banks will tip $INC²'s hand and before you knew it we were in Iran.

Our appetites ride on the tracks of our previous behavior. Momentum and inertia keep us on track. Our intestinal flora is a garden which digests 90% of the food we consume. Our flora become the tracks of our appetite. So much of our behavior can be relegated to the realm of the unconscious. What can be more primal than eating? The trick is to build new tracks. This is how we get over the hump, it is by building new tracks. It is the first 2 or 3 weeks that are the toughest but once the new tracks are layed and spiked, then the train of our being has a new direction, a new horizon, a new dream.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A parrot named Apollo

I know a parrot named Apollo
he's got a microphone you can swallow
he'll sing all day for crickets and crackers
for limousines and mad hatters

I know a game called chess
where one can win rookless
but not without a king

And I woke up one day in this parallel world where the Scare Crow from the Wizard of Oz is president

The scare crow character has chiseled a new
archetype on to the wheel of human personality potential

The Scare Crow graduated from meme to demon
& currently inhabits a taco stand pretending to be a human

I know a character called the scare crow
sure wish I could make his brain grow

All roads lead to the Emerald City
glowing green with radioactivity

I know an old lion who has no mane
whose tired old growl masks resevors of pain
You'll never know courage till you break the chain

Actually, all roads currently lead to RISK®. Along the way most of you will stop and play Monopoly®. Oh yeah, you can play Life® too. And then there are always craps, poker and blackjack on the side streets.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beware of Batman?

Here's another example of what I term the collective chronic anxiety disorder that permeates the land. Anyway, Batman is a good guy. If it was somone dressed up like the Joker or the Riddler, then we might have cause for concern.

Colbert's high water mark still unapproached






lady picture show


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sea Giants


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The most advanced technology on the planet remained hidden within the nose of almost all of its human inhabitants. The 21st century was a retro science fiction novel come to life. The Aborigines in Australia figured it out 400,000 thousand years ago and to every one's chagrin, the rest of human history has been obsolete ever since. What so few could grasp was the sophistication of DNA made our inventions archaic before they were invented. The contact point - between consciousness and the molecular world of DNA - is the breath. The Aboriginals developed technology to shape the human internal topography, internal musculature, dan tiens, cellular integrity etc. They refined their techniques for tens of thousands of years to such a degree that no one could see it.

The device - considered by the Dali Lama to be an example of one of the finest evolutionary devices ever invented - has many names but the world knows it as the didjeridoo. This device circulated the planet in the 20th century with the advent of world travel. By the end of the century, the didj had spread to all corners of the earth.

The age of anxiety required a lack of breath awareness to perpetuate its fear-based brain stem monopoly. The search for mental relief led many primates to psychaitrists who gave them pills to control their breathing without them knowing. In order for any drug to alter consciousness, it must change the breathing patterns. Memories, emotions and brain system access are all tied to the breath - and diet as well.

The SlideDidge® was one of the most popular refinements to the traditional didjeridoo. It allowed the musician to change the notes, fitting more easily into an ensemble's conversation. Every conceivalbe material began to be used: PVC, glass, metal, yucca, bamboo, hemp etc.

The oldest wind instrument known to man entered a new era when the Digital Didj® was invented, designed and created by Mike Didj. This device became the ultimate biofeedback teaching device. No one knew that it would unleash the power of DNA to restore order and chaos to a world strangling on its broken record policies and various insatiable obsessions with suffering and death.

George Washington


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Embrace the robots!


Beware of robots!


Monday, February 05, 2007

we use to be friends


Saturday, February 03, 2007

The question game

Where do you begin when you want to convey knowledge to an unwilling audience?
Is silence ever an option when it's interpreted as acquiescence?

The current regime has an anti-merry-go-round of robotic responses, which distract and deny discourse concerning SINC²’s latest invasion. Its technique reminds me of a drinking game I participated in during my younger days. When I attended college, like many other students, I went to parties and played drinking games. The game, relevant to this discussion is called: Questions. This 'game' entailed each participant (3 or more players the better - up to 8 or so) asking a question to someone in the circle. Whom ever is asked a question must not answer the question. This is how you lose and then have to take a drink, guzzle a beer, whatever. When one is asked a question they must pose another question without pausing, either back at the questioner or to someone else.

This game seems easy but when the question becomes 'good enough' it gets difficult not to answer - especially with the susceptibility/receptivity that can accompany intoxication.

The dominant response of $INC² exposes an apparent hardware malfunction when it plays the ‘question drinking game’ instead of actually engaging the subject matter. This is Ground Control to Major TOM.

Thus, I aspire to arm you with questions to $INC²'s latest carousel question: "Don't you think that you are emboldening the enemy?"

Do not answer the question or you have to drink. You’re probably already drunk so we’re cutting you off. Now, answer with a question:

1.Do you think your question emboldens a balanced, sane & intelligent discussion?

2. Who has been repeatedly lying?

3. How many humans have died as a consequence of war in the last 100 years?

4. Do you ever question your own authority?

5. After the Middle East has been confiscated, where will HoloCostCo® go next?

6. Have you ever seen the movie Holocaust Now? It’s the elephant in the living room!

7. Do you believe in music?

8. How do you define intelligence?

9. Should governments do more than pay lip service to compassion?

10. Does the USA have a long-term foreign policy?
A. What is it?

The Cure


Friday, February 02, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

This story is hilarious except for Boston's demonstation of anxiety hysteria which may have some long term legislative consequences. Funny how these 'lights' had been in place in about 9 cities and no one else hit the panic button. This example of incompetence exposes the unqualified, the gullible and the collective chronic anxiety disorder which afflicts many in this country. Be on the look out for an explosion of more light projects. This is not a 'hoax'. It's called advertising. Click the link for a funny video on what happened.

War 101


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Congrats to Kevin & Jenny!

Welcome to planet Earth Jordan! My nephew's only 2 days old
in this picture but already has a fine head of hair.