Monday, June 29, 2015

True Detective season 2: A Stranded Overloaded Mule

My girlfriend and I both lost interest in last night's episode of True Detective (season 2) and turned it off. It's like a stranded  mule overloaded with vices like a glitzy Las Vegas Xmas tree in a casino where all the dealers are insane. 
On a character level: No one is interesting or relatable. 
Storyline: Not sure if there is one. 

Conclusion: Its like they cut the brilliant cinematic skin right off Season 1 and draped it over some cancelled cop show made in the early 2000s. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015


What happens when I forgive myself

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bridle Danger

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Metamorphosis of aTrance

Death teaches us one thing - from our personal perspective - everything appears temporary. Our time here in the current body we inhabit is temporary. That being said, what can be more transient than beliefs? Beliefs can be known as perspectives or even viewpoints. The lesson can be: camp light, use a tent. No matter how spectacular a view may be - don’t build a house there. The consequence of digging in: Entrenchment, can be considered a misappropriation of time. Answer: No one owns time. Time being a measurement of change.
Lose your viewpoint to find the wave. Cultivate the excitement that naturally arises when we learn to see our own individual position as a launching pad. Don’t camp out at the airport. Religions have been built in airports. What’s more mad than scaring everyone to stay in the airport? Answer: When no one remembers that they are even in an airport.

Sometimes, a view appears so great that people build a castle to defend, protect and live in. Pretty soon the view becomes obscured and forgotten. Don’t forget about the moat. 

If you do find yourself stuck in a castle, the trance ninja uses the opportunity to observe the pros and cons of archaic religions. How they can provide a safe trance for the insecure consciousness. The trance ninja bides their time and builds their rhyme. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Cultural consciousness has a shed full of landscaping tools. The tool of choice: I give you the lawnmower in all its inefficient opulent sit down glory. Many humans can be seen as blades of grass in a fair way where self anointed land lords lord about unaware of the course of their Shakespearian disease which is cured by golf.

Friday, June 12, 2015

gather harmonies

Just like what's happening to the Orcas in Sea World seems to be happening to us. This can change with enough people pooling their imaginations to gather harmonies that don't harm any.

No sides many trances

There are no sides but many trances. When you put yourself on a side you're stuck in a trance. Break it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To relight the fire

The unexamined mind may be a terrible waste but
the unexamined heart is a tragedy.
In a world where both apply
the sad man struggles.
To relight the fire 
in his heart
for the hundredth time
after blowing it out himself
for the hundredth time
self forgiveness becomes an act of heroism.
Self love ignites the fire.

If Jesus was Pope...

Jesus reincarnates as the pope. What does he do? He tries to completely dismantle the Roman Catholic Church and redistribute its mountainous piles of treasures, its swanky stash of gold, stocks, bonds & cash and the globally ubiquitous land holdings - every last cent all going to the meek of course. 
What is the Roman Catholic response ? They crucify him.  

Reason: Some trances can be so powerful people will kill to preserve them. 
Reason 2: Group trances can exploit human operation systems converting people into Attack Bots. Phagocytes. 
Solution: Pop bubbles with humour the world's greatest trance breaker. 
Solution 2: Cognitive dissonance can dissolve boundaries although some membranes seem immune.  

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

He who controls his trance controls his world.

Money is one of the most affective empathy switches ever devised and is thus highly coveted by those driven by the need to control others. It’s no coincidence that both mommy and money are nearly homonyms. We grow up. We become our own mommy, right? Wrong. Mommy becomes money but we can never become money. Thus we languish forever always needing more money. Never enough. Money infantilizes us. Allows us to revert to our least refined self. The sense of entitlement that can drift like a fog in the eyes of the privileged few seems to be duplicated in the eyes of lucky 3 year olds blissfully unaware of anyone else's needs but their own - unless they appear to impact them.

The trance inducing capacity of money can only be rivaled by the gravity of sex and the push pull power of violence. These trances can be poisonous when abused my friends.

He who controls his trance controls his world.

Monday, June 08, 2015

How to empathize with Jesus

Have you ever tried to empathize with Jesus? I remember as a young kid being completely horrified upon hearing the story of how Jesus was tortured and crucified - (Btw, what a brutal story to start telling kids the moment they begin to comprehend language) - and I mean what the fuck for?! Right?! Why did they kill him?! All he did was try to get people to love each other as themselves. It’s the goddamn golden rule and thank god this one frigging concept from Jesus made it through the frigging rubble that is human history. The countless burned up destroyed libraries throughout the aeons testify to our collective thirst for amnesia.

Remember this: Jesus was a spiritual anarchist and he did not like money. Let's face it, the guy was literally tearing down institutions that exploited the human condition. So now, please empathize with Jesus for me. Imagine, you hate religions, you find them to be abhorrent, mindless institutions that manufacture and capitalize upon human misery. Now you're starting to empathize with Jesus.

So what I can’t figure out is so many Christians going to church every Sunday - professing their dramatic love for Jesus and yet not one seems capable of actually empathizing with Jesus.

You think JC was pissed with all the money being exchanged at the temple!?! HO-LY SH!T!! That was nothing. Just imagine how the weary reincarnated soul of Christ must feel with each passing incarnation encountering the depraved institutional aftermath of his/her over heralded existence. Is it possible to design a more tortuous reality for a soul who was just trying to help? Christians, in general, can now be seen as Jesus’ cross to bear for eternity now. Gee. Thanks for that. Oh and hey, no offense or nothing but every time you go to communion it's like you are eating his flesh and drinking his blood. But do not worry - he forgives you. 

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Trance Ending

Transcending the trance becomes the meta trance like a rock skipping gently down the stream. If life is but a series of trances ensconced within a series of trances like nested Russian dolls then the trick becomes threefold:  Seeing 'where' you appear to be. Embracing who you appear to be. Manifesting what you want to appear. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Selfie Panorma Portrait Series: #2 Multiple mirror images

Escape Portal


Moderation is everything

Selfie Panorama Portrait Series: #1 I'm Not Here

I'm Not Here