Friday, June 19, 2015

The Metamorphosis of aTrance

Death teaches us one thing - from our personal perspective - everything appears temporary. Our time here in the current body we inhabit is temporary. That being said, what can be more transient than beliefs? Beliefs can be known as perspectives or even viewpoints. The lesson can be: camp light, use a tent. No matter how spectacular a view may be - don’t build a house there. The consequence of digging in: Entrenchment, can be considered a misappropriation of time. Answer: No one owns time. Time being a measurement of change.
Lose your viewpoint to find the wave. Cultivate the excitement that naturally arises when we learn to see our own individual position as a launching pad. Don’t camp out at the airport. Religions have been built in airports. What’s more mad than scaring everyone to stay in the airport? Answer: When no one remembers that they are even in an airport.

Sometimes, a view appears so great that people build a castle to defend, protect and live in. Pretty soon the view becomes obscured and forgotten. Don’t forget about the moat. 

If you do find yourself stuck in a castle, the trance ninja uses the opportunity to observe the pros and cons of archaic religions. How they can provide a safe trance for the insecure consciousness. The trance ninja bides their time and builds their rhyme.