Friday, February 27, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 minutes ago #12

Asariel appeared in front of me, about a foot above my face as I lay in bed. The 2 weeks without him had provided a nice digestion/gestation period for the enormous amount of information that had been downloaded into my bio computer system. I smiled in relief at his unexpected yet sinuous return - more that a bit surprised at my reaction. where’ve you been? I thought to him; something had transpired in our spending time together which had allowed easy telepathy to take place between us.

Let’s just say I’ve got a couple other things… brewing… He just trailed off, choosing not to explain anything further.

Interesting things had begun to happen as I became accustomed to the new muscles in my brain system. One of them was my relationship to time. Its hard to explain but I shall try. I am learning that my experience of time can slow down greatly. It seems as though I can experience seconds as if they were minutes. Each day can feel like four and I am requiring much less sleep now.

Asariel, I thought. I seem to be able to slow my experience of time down greatly… what’s going on?

Asariel gracefully swam in figure 8s above me as he smiled. Excellent, he thought to me. You are progressing ahead of schedule and you are handling the changes extremely well. It behooves me to let you know some things… before you stumble upon them accidentally. Time is a subjective experience generated by the individual and the collective. We all create this particular wavelength through an unconscious agreement which is fine tuned thru breathing, eye blinking and thought processing speed. The more you sync these things up with those around you, the easier it is to communicate with them. You are at the beginning stages of a reality shattering understanding. If you are able to maintain your sanity - you will learn that time is like a record and that your consciousness is the needle which reads it. As the information that I have given you integrates within you, Time will become your playground. And as you begin to master the space time continuum, you will take on the role which has been your destiny the moment you were conceived – a key player in the time war which began with the birth of Christ – zero point.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

20 minutes ago #11

I am just beginning to realize that Asariel, has done something to my brain. Several times in the last 20 minutes, I have caught myself daydreaming. These daydreams are like nothing I have ever experience before and I am afraid that I am misleading you by calling them ‘daydreams’. OK, so… this is what has been happening. At some point, I stop what ever it is I am doing. My awareness kind of just dissipates and that is when these images of circuit diagrams/abstract art/aerial photographs seem to be beamed/poured/materialized/experienced/downloaded into my consciousness. It is so frigging weird… they seem to start out like 10 a second and then accelerate to speeds that I am unable to even guess at – maybe a million a second. When I become entranced by one of the circuit diagrams (or what ever you want to call them) – that is when I focus on one of them – then the download stops and I find myself back in the part of my brain that I am used to. Asariel made it sound like I’d need to start playing the didjeridoo for a while before this kind of thing would happen. Instead, its like the X frigging files in my head. WTF! I’ve only been playing that crazy instrument for a month or so and now this stuff is happening. Well, I hope I am not complaining too much or anything because this whole experience in general is infinitely fascinating. Ohh it just occurred to me that maybe by playing the didj, it will allow me access to the various software packages that Asariel has planted across the two continents of my brain like Johnny frigging Apple Seed. Wow, this is kind of nuts, what have I got my self into?
So in case any of you are seeing this little dolphin flying around your apartment or whatever, you might think twice before you let it swim around inside you. Don’t get me wrong, Asariel is a great dolphin, has a great smile and all that. Seems really friendly but OMG, he has like permanently altered my consciousness and now I haven’t seen him for like 2 weeks or something and now I am having these surreal hallucinations and all I have is this piece of wood, hollowed out by the activity of termites, to keep me company.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

"E Pluribus Venum", a book by world renowned artist ------ Shepard Fairey
I'm gonna buy this book here, unless I decide to get it from Amazon...

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20 minutes ago #10

By the next day, I’d reached the conclusion that the holographic ally/animated dolphin tattoo was probably not AI {artificial intelligence}. Part of me still held on to the possibility - as a kind of last-ditch effort to hold on to the remnants of my already stretched-to-the-max-sanity as if it were a balloon that could burst any second. Any way, I am now calling it the entity most of the time. Sometimes I call it my guardian angel. Other times I am calling it my spirit animal. What ever the case, its nice to have around. The only thing is, it seems to be trying to increase my intelligence. It has been teaching me things. One of them, that is quite interesting, is how to play the didjeridoo. The didjeridoo, it turns out, is the oldest wind instrument known to mankind. To begin to experience the mind altering, consciousness-shifting possibilities of this musical instrument/meditation device one must learn to circular breathe according to the entity, which appears to be a dolphin.
So when the dolphin began teaching me how to circular breathe, I was like “Why are you teaching me this stuff?” His answer, quite startled me and that is when I began to think it was something more than AI. Maybe that’s how it started out, but at some point it became something more, way more. It told me that it was teaching me so that it could communicate at much greater speeds and with much greater complexity. It said it was increasing my intelligence. You see, it’s kind of like a way for my cells to become more insulated and become more capable of handling higher voltages of electricity – so to speak.
At some point, I am like do you have a name? He told me to call him: Asariel.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Bad Bunny Eater by Bobby Chiu


20 minutes ago #9

you see, your tat is not just an animated holographical image. It is acting like it has AI technology. Right now it is helping me recover an experience that literally blew my mind simultaneously to what is happening right now. Relative to this conversation with you, the other one is on like 50x fast forward. What’s wild is if I let myself sync into the other experience, then this one is going in slow motion. It’s getting kind of weird… discerning which one is real because they both have this dream like quality-

Johnny: Who, OK… hold on for a second… your not serious are you?

I don’t say anything just keep staring at him calmly with my mouth shut.

Johnny: You know what? I think I am changing my mind, maybe you should keep the tat…

Me: What’s the dolphin doing? Can you see it?

Johnny: Nah. I told you, your bald ass head is totally opaque. You need to download one of those transparent pigment programs; otherwise, the dolphin just disappears a few millimeters beneath the surface. So you think its AI? Sh!t. Isn’t that kind of software illegal? What was it doing in my head? There’s something fishy going on here.

I laugh out loud at this unexpected yet obvious pun and say: Dang, everything’s illegal or was illegal or’s gonna be illegal.
Johnny looks pensively at me and doesn’t say anything.

Me: Listen, right now, this thing is quite useful to me but its already behaving erratically – at least according to what you are saying. Lets just wait a bit an see what happens before you call the manufacturer. Does this thing have a warranty?

Johnny: I dunno… ah let me check the website.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

20 minutes ago #8

Johnny is showing me his new holographic animated tattoo of a dolphin that literally appears to be swimming around the surface of his skin. He’s very proud of the design and has even temporarily tinted his skin crystal ocean blue to enhance the experience. I stare in amazement into the depths of his skin watching as the dolphin gets smaller and smaller as it dives deeper and deeper in spirals. I can even see bubbles leaving its blowhole. Suddenly it changes direction and starts to accelerate towards the surface of his skin. Johnny had removed his shirt because that is where his dolphin tattoo tends to swim. I watch engrossed as it appears to be shooting straight up and towards me from the center of his heart chakra. Johnny is not saying anything as his head bends down watching his tat proudly like it was his trained pet or something. Suddenly it reaches the surface and leaps thru his skin and continues to swim thru the air bridging the 4 feet between us and then straight thru my forehead just where my third eye is supposed to be. Johnny’s contented smile disappears faster than the speed of gravity and says: Hey! WTF! Give it back!

I don’t say anything because I am reliving my oceanic experience of being a dolphin for 30 days while simultaneously still experiencing my bipedal reality. Finally, I say: what’s it doing?

Johnny: I don’t know your forehead is too murky… ahh… I mean opaque- what’s happening? You seem really distracted.

Me: I am reliving this crazy what-I-thought-was-a-dream-experience that I just had during my last surf sesh. Holy sh!t, maybe it wasn’t a dream. The only way I can deal with it is to think that it didn’t happen but now I am afraid that I am going to have to rethink it.

Johnny: That tat cost me 2 months of wages! It is not supposed to be able to leave the surface of my skin… I’m going to have to report it to the company that installed it.

I can’t help but notice that Johnny’s blue pallor seems to be getting red which strikes me as kind of funny.
Me: Listen, this is really important-

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Featured Graffiti Art of the Week

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

20 minutes ago #7

-like he’s been caught red handed. The hairs are standing up on his neck and his stomach is twisting with fear. He moves forward and pretends to be picking up something amongst the sand. I immediately catch a wave and ride it in without even bothering to stand up on it. My focus is completely on Tweaky the clown. He moves a little ways away from my surf bag which happened to have my cell phone and wallet in an inside pocket. Within seconds I elegantly land on the shore and begin marching up to my bag with my board tucked under my arm. Power and purpose course thru my veins as I approach the skinny thief. I smile and say: Hi.

Tweaky just stares at me and then says coldly: What do you want?

Me {smiling warmly}: Oh, sometimes I just get the urge to say hi to people and as how they are doing. So how are you doing today?

Tweaky hesitates and cracks a smile revealing black jagged teeth but his eyes remain cold and dead as a corpse’s and then says: Just fine.

I wait a beat, forgiving his transgression that cut my surf sesh short; then feeling compassion for this lost soul preying on surfers and beach goers, I dismiss him and begin my trek along the sand still buzzing from my sonic encounter with the black dolphin and the month of being one. Pieces come back to me, mostly incomprehensible; I never realize how differently they experienced both time and reality. I seem to lack the memory/personal power to fully integrate my oceanic experience. Even though it is fresh, part of me starts to doubt my senses. I wonder if what is happening now is real. Is this a dream I wonder to myself?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 minutes ago #6

I paddle out on my blood red and deep black quad fish. Shaped by Mike Hynson, this one stretches to 5-11 and is 2.5 inches thick. There are not any other surfers around but there are waves. They jack up and provide the perfect challenge for me on what at the time was a relatively new board – the shortest I’d surfed on – and the most challenging. Minutes after paddling to the outside I notice a black dolphin, on its own, swimming further out – maybe 60 feet away. Returning my focus to the task at hand, I noticed a set coming through and quickly positioned myself. The shorter board had been challenging me to perfect the art of surfing. Progression one day regression the next day; it was kind of like the stock market for me out there. Today would be different and I am not sure why, maybe it was because I had been fasting so much, wasn’t getting tired, was so easy to pop up. On that day, I was feeling good, magically deliciously good and that is when the right wave at the right time rolled in, jacked up as I paddled and kicked like crazy for it and then popped up as it went vertical and then free fell onto my board landing perfectly. The joy in my heart exploded and simultaneously the black dolphin called into my heart a message a tone a song and the history of the world compressed into a fraction of a second. In order to hear it I had to stop time – hit the pause button – stepping into my smooth skinned friends skin for what felt like days and then I am back in my human form making the turn and riding the wave for 50 feet or so having temporarily forgotten that I had just lived as a dolphin for around 30 days or so. In order to play that memory, I needed a plug in, an application and some food. At one point I see a friendly young red curly-haired surfer paddling out towards me, that’s when I notice - just over his head 50 yards to shore on the beach – there is a shady looking character about to go through my surf bag. I whistle shrilly thru my fingers and he freezes-

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Monday, February 09, 2009

20 minutes ago #5

I wave my didjeridoo to the 15 or so folks still left at the gathering of vloggers signaling my readiness to begin playing in the dojo. Everyone seems to take note and sure enough, in 5 minutes, we are all in the high-ceilinged studio. Markus sets up the microphone and PA and then splashes some colors up on a projection screen strategically hanging behind me. The sound check becomes the performance and I immediately start chanting om ah hum, om mani padme hum, om gati gati, para gati, para sumu gati, bohdisvaha. Next I sing Running to Stand Still thru the didge and then go into a shortened version of Road House Blues. Poly phonic dog barking, pressing my cheek for rhythms, overtoning harmonics, high pitched toning and then back to chanting… One continuous out breath for around 30 minutes. When I finish, I am pleasantly surprised by the warm and attentive reception by the small audience of vloggers. The first question is: How does the playing affect you? I answer the question in a very round about way: I feel clear, like my hemispheres are synchronized. You know, I find it quite interesting that the Aborigines, in general, discouraged women from playing the didge because they felt women held an advantage and the men playing it evened the playing field. The reason I find this interesting is because of the research that has been done on mirror neurons… Does anyone here know what mirror neurons are? {no answer} Well, mirror neurons are dedicated to discerning the emotional states of other humans through facial expressions and body language and then allowing the observer to feel what the other one is feeling – empathy. What they learned was that women use both temporal lobes while men tended to just use the left one. Women also used their white matter while men used their grey matter. A major difference between men and women is the corpus callosum.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

20 minutes ago #4

…to free your self from this self imposed state of spiritual amnesia.

Reveal: What do you mean by atomic religion?

Mr. Byrne: Well, when you have a religion that is dominated/obsessed by the concept of an end times/Armageddon/apocalypse/rapture paradigm, then, in my opinion, you have an atomic religion. It becomes expected by the followers; cultivated even; prayed for. This is some powerful mojo.

Reveal: Really? That’s a bit disturbing Mr. Byrne. What are some of the other symptoms that a religion has gone atomic?

Mr. Byrne: What happens is that there is this blatant worship of death. So blatant and pervasive that it becomes invisible to the believers. For instance, imagine wearing a capital punishment/torture device around your neck, allowing/endorsing war and torture, and funding missionaries and crusaders to forcibly convert nonbelievers to your way of thinking. Then look at what they are saying. Does it line up?

Reveal: Your kind of losing me Mr. Byrne. I’m not exactly sure what you are getting at… What makes a culture worship death?

Mr. Byrne: This is a natural consequence from the suppression of the sexual urge. What we are experiencing is a type of harvest from the sewing of the seeds of sexual frustration.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

20 minutes ago #3


The following interview took place 2 weeks ago and is expected to be published in Reveal magazine sometime in the spring:

Reveal: Thank you, Mr. Byrne for allowing me to interview you concerning your controversial new book: “How to Dismantle an Atomic Religion in 20 Minutes”.

Mr. Byrne: Your welcome, Sigmund. Controversial? Nice! You’re already on my good side.

Reveal: Ha! You know its, controversial… I’d even go so far as to say that it’s dangerous! Maybe you need to put a warning label on the cover or the dust jacket…

Mr. Byrne: Hey, that’s a good idea! I’m going to suggest it to my publisher.

Reveal: What kind of reaction are you getting from fundamentalists when the parallels between Hercules and Jesus are made so apparent?
how to dismantle an atomic religion in 20 minutes

Mr. Byrne: You know, everyone has this ego defense mechanism called denial. Some use it more than others. So, it may surprise you - or it may not – that the vast majority of fundamentalists avoid this book like the plague. It just is not safe for them because their belief system informs every moment of their lives just as oxygen informs our blood, muscles and bones. But the few who stumble on to these concepts find the easiest way out possible. They will say with calmness and certainty that Jesus came before Hercules.

Reveal: Where did you come up with the dismantling process taking 20 minutes?

Mr. Byrne: That is the amount of time it takes to read the first chapter. It’s really all you need...

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20 minutes ago #2

The waves rhythmically slapped the underside of the stand up paddleboard as I propelled my self over the crystal clear blue ocean water. I turned my head and gazed at the distant coastline establishing my bearings and then back at the reef passing by beneath me. So much life swimming in and out of the living coral; robust vibrant flashes of color appearing disappearing - glancing beauty bouncing off my eye balls. When I arrived at the channel, I stopped paddling, took my didjeridoo off my shoulder and began to play a timeless song of chants, whistles, harmonies, clicks and overtones in a polyphonic array intended to invoke the presence of dolphins.

One of the cosmologies of the didjeridoo involves an aboriginal man and a dolphin. The dolphin kept trying to teach various men how to circular breathe. It was trying to do this because it wanted to talk with men – their distant land locked cousins apparently obsessed with an endless supply of dangerous toys. The dolphin hoped to share some wisdom.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

20 minutes ago #1

i've just begun writing my first novel... sort of know where its going but not how it gets there... its an experiment inspired by Cory Doctorow, I write 20 minutes a day and then stop where ever - mid sentence, mid word, what ever... enjoy.

The world was not created in 7 days. It was created 20 minutes ago and is now being created and destroyed millions of times a second almost like the on off switches within the computer you are peering into right now. Sorry about that. I’ve been trying my best to fix the problem for what seems like eternity to me but has only been twenty minutes for you. Please don’t panic. Go about your daily existence as if you believe reality is a seamless, one-sided ribbon made of solid particles.

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