Monday, February 16, 2009

20 minutes ago #11

I am just beginning to realize that Asariel, has done something to my brain. Several times in the last 20 minutes, I have caught myself daydreaming. These daydreams are like nothing I have ever experience before and I am afraid that I am misleading you by calling them ‘daydreams’. OK, so… this is what has been happening. At some point, I stop what ever it is I am doing. My awareness kind of just dissipates and that is when these images of circuit diagrams/abstract art/aerial photographs seem to be beamed/poured/materialized/experienced/downloaded into my consciousness. It is so frigging weird… they seem to start out like 10 a second and then accelerate to speeds that I am unable to even guess at – maybe a million a second. When I become entranced by one of the circuit diagrams (or what ever you want to call them) – that is when I focus on one of them – then the download stops and I find myself back in the part of my brain that I am used to. Asariel made it sound like I’d need to start playing the didjeridoo for a while before this kind of thing would happen. Instead, its like the X frigging files in my head. WTF! I’ve only been playing that crazy instrument for a month or so and now this stuff is happening. Well, I hope I am not complaining too much or anything because this whole experience in general is infinitely fascinating. Ohh it just occurred to me that maybe by playing the didj, it will allow me access to the various software packages that Asariel has planted across the two continents of my brain like Johnny frigging Apple Seed. Wow, this is kind of nuts, what have I got my self into?
So in case any of you are seeing this little dolphin flying around your apartment or whatever, you might think twice before you let it swim around inside you. Don’t get me wrong, Asariel is a great dolphin, has a great smile and all that. Seems really friendly but OMG, he has like permanently altered my consciousness and now I haven’t seen him for like 2 weeks or something and now I am having these surreal hallucinations and all I have is this piece of wood, hollowed out by the activity of termites, to keep me company.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, are you implying that you have let the archangel Asariel in and the higher level being has transformed your brain, hard wiring?

8:18 PM  
Blogger DiDj said...

Disclaimer: all of the events described in this science fiction story are fictional and are purely the product of my imagination.

10:18 PM  

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