Wednesday, February 11, 2009

20 minutes ago #7

-like he’s been caught red handed. The hairs are standing up on his neck and his stomach is twisting with fear. He moves forward and pretends to be picking up something amongst the sand. I immediately catch a wave and ride it in without even bothering to stand up on it. My focus is completely on Tweaky the clown. He moves a little ways away from my surf bag which happened to have my cell phone and wallet in an inside pocket. Within seconds I elegantly land on the shore and begin marching up to my bag with my board tucked under my arm. Power and purpose course thru my veins as I approach the skinny thief. I smile and say: Hi.

Tweaky just stares at me and then says coldly: What do you want?

Me {smiling warmly}: Oh, sometimes I just get the urge to say hi to people and as how they are doing. So how are you doing today?

Tweaky hesitates and cracks a smile revealing black jagged teeth but his eyes remain cold and dead as a corpse’s and then says: Just fine.

I wait a beat, forgiving his transgression that cut my surf sesh short; then feeling compassion for this lost soul preying on surfers and beach goers, I dismiss him and begin my trek along the sand still buzzing from my sonic encounter with the black dolphin and the month of being one. Pieces come back to me, mostly incomprehensible; I never realize how differently they experienced both time and reality. I seem to lack the memory/personal power to fully integrate my oceanic experience. Even though it is fresh, part of me starts to doubt my senses. I wonder if what is happening now is real. Is this a dream I wonder to myself?

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