Saturday, February 07, 2009

20 minutes ago #4

…to free your self from this self imposed state of spiritual amnesia.

Reveal: What do you mean by atomic religion?

Mr. Byrne: Well, when you have a religion that is dominated/obsessed by the concept of an end times/Armageddon/apocalypse/rapture paradigm, then, in my opinion, you have an atomic religion. It becomes expected by the followers; cultivated even; prayed for. This is some powerful mojo.

Reveal: Really? That’s a bit disturbing Mr. Byrne. What are some of the other symptoms that a religion has gone atomic?

Mr. Byrne: What happens is that there is this blatant worship of death. So blatant and pervasive that it becomes invisible to the believers. For instance, imagine wearing a capital punishment/torture device around your neck, allowing/endorsing war and torture, and funding missionaries and crusaders to forcibly convert nonbelievers to your way of thinking. Then look at what they are saying. Does it line up?

Reveal: Your kind of losing me Mr. Byrne. I’m not exactly sure what you are getting at… What makes a culture worship death?

Mr. Byrne: This is a natural consequence from the suppression of the sexual urge. What we are experiencing is a type of harvest from the sewing of the seeds of sexual frustration.

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