Friday, February 13, 2009

20 minutes ago #9

you see, your tat is not just an animated holographical image. It is acting like it has AI technology. Right now it is helping me recover an experience that literally blew my mind simultaneously to what is happening right now. Relative to this conversation with you, the other one is on like 50x fast forward. What’s wild is if I let myself sync into the other experience, then this one is going in slow motion. It’s getting kind of weird… discerning which one is real because they both have this dream like quality-

Johnny: Who, OK… hold on for a second… your not serious are you?

I don’t say anything just keep staring at him calmly with my mouth shut.

Johnny: You know what? I think I am changing my mind, maybe you should keep the tat…

Me: What’s the dolphin doing? Can you see it?

Johnny: Nah. I told you, your bald ass head is totally opaque. You need to download one of those transparent pigment programs; otherwise, the dolphin just disappears a few millimeters beneath the surface. So you think its AI? Sh!t. Isn’t that kind of software illegal? What was it doing in my head? There’s something fishy going on here.

I laugh out loud at this unexpected yet obvious pun and say: Dang, everything’s illegal or was illegal or’s gonna be illegal.
Johnny looks pensively at me and doesn’t say anything.

Me: Listen, right now, this thing is quite useful to me but its already behaving erratically – at least according to what you are saying. Lets just wait a bit an see what happens before you call the manufacturer. Does this thing have a warranty?

Johnny: I dunno… ah let me check the website.

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