Sunday, February 15, 2009

20 minutes ago #10

By the next day, I’d reached the conclusion that the holographic ally/animated dolphin tattoo was probably not AI {artificial intelligence}. Part of me still held on to the possibility - as a kind of last-ditch effort to hold on to the remnants of my already stretched-to-the-max-sanity as if it were a balloon that could burst any second. Any way, I am now calling it the entity most of the time. Sometimes I call it my guardian angel. Other times I am calling it my spirit animal. What ever the case, its nice to have around. The only thing is, it seems to be trying to increase my intelligence. It has been teaching me things. One of them, that is quite interesting, is how to play the didjeridoo. The didjeridoo, it turns out, is the oldest wind instrument known to mankind. To begin to experience the mind altering, consciousness-shifting possibilities of this musical instrument/meditation device one must learn to circular breathe according to the entity, which appears to be a dolphin.
So when the dolphin began teaching me how to circular breathe, I was like “Why are you teaching me this stuff?” His answer, quite startled me and that is when I began to think it was something more than AI. Maybe that’s how it started out, but at some point it became something more, way more. It told me that it was teaching me so that it could communicate at much greater speeds and with much greater complexity. It said it was increasing my intelligence. You see, it’s kind of like a way for my cells to become more insulated and become more capable of handling higher voltages of electricity – so to speak.
At some point, I am like do you have a name? He told me to call him: Asariel.

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