Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 minutes ago #12

Asariel appeared in front of me, about a foot above my face as I lay in bed. The 2 weeks without him had provided a nice digestion/gestation period for the enormous amount of information that had been downloaded into my bio computer system. I smiled in relief at his unexpected yet sinuous return - more that a bit surprised at my reaction. where’ve you been? I thought to him; something had transpired in our spending time together which had allowed easy telepathy to take place between us.

Let’s just say I’ve got a couple other things… brewing… He just trailed off, choosing not to explain anything further.

Interesting things had begun to happen as I became accustomed to the new muscles in my brain system. One of them was my relationship to time. Its hard to explain but I shall try. I am learning that my experience of time can slow down greatly. It seems as though I can experience seconds as if they were minutes. Each day can feel like four and I am requiring much less sleep now.

Asariel, I thought. I seem to be able to slow my experience of time down greatly… what’s going on?

Asariel gracefully swam in figure 8s above me as he smiled. Excellent, he thought to me. You are progressing ahead of schedule and you are handling the changes extremely well. It behooves me to let you know some things… before you stumble upon them accidentally. Time is a subjective experience generated by the individual and the collective. We all create this particular wavelength through an unconscious agreement which is fine tuned thru breathing, eye blinking and thought processing speed. The more you sync these things up with those around you, the easier it is to communicate with them. You are at the beginning stages of a reality shattering understanding. If you are able to maintain your sanity - you will learn that time is like a record and that your consciousness is the needle which reads it. As the information that I have given you integrates within you, Time will become your playground. And as you begin to master the space time continuum, you will take on the role which has been your destiny the moment you were conceived – a key player in the time war which began with the birth of Christ – zero point.

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