Friday, January 29, 2010

This is a great video

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wave Riding in California

12 days in a row

12 days in a row now that he has been able to practice The Five Tibetans and tai-chi. This daily routine had been a staple in his life for 10 years. The practical experiment had been effortless. It had not mattered where he lived, where he was or where he was traveling. There were times when he was driving across America. People would stare curiously at him as he moved thru the yoga movements and as he slowly passed thru the tantalizing martial arts dance that is tai-chi at random rest stops. He did these exercises for so long that it became easy to take their benefits for granted. The will power and discipline that were necessary to achieve such dedication day in and day out was invisible to him because he just did the work - every day. But at some point after that decade/11 year faze of apparent invincibility, his resolve began to falter and his drive transformed into drivel. The impact of his dedication never completely disappeared but his core strength became a shadow of what it had once been. His sense of well-being fell away like leaves on a maple tree in winter. The bare branches remained though and with them the potential to once again grow the living green solar panels designed to drink in the sun light.

Some how, some way, 12 days ago, the resolve returned. The drive to practice both the 5 Tibetans and tai-chi together returned. There is no fan fare. No glaring light of the media spot light blinding his eyes. No, all that happens is he does these exercises and his mind clears and he feels good to be alive. The world makes sense to him. There is no press conference. There is no interviews for ESPN or Sports Illustrated. CNN is not covering this. Fox News is not filling its broadcasts with their hate/fear mongering commentary about his doing exercises which do not originate in America. Exercises that predate Christianity.

No. All that's happening here is some one has rediscovered their own little pathway of bliss. So go on now. Move along. There's nothing happening here.
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