Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bardo Surfer Endorses This Documentary

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Media Will Eat Itself

The media has A.D.D., will sell out to the highest bidder and right now is completely under the influence of a drug called Charlie Sheen. The media has a million eyes, can only live in the spotlight and does not believe in monogamy. If you are lucky, one day you will become a particulate in the solution that is the media. One day, if you are lucky, the media will include you in one of its insane smoothies. Some of you will be like a banana, others, an apple and still others - an orange. Of course, there will be no room for comparison. The media never sleeps, it dreams while it is awake like a dolphin with alternating hemispheres. The media is a pharmaceutical juggernaut designed to hypnotize monkeys into believing they are something else. The media turns monkeys into consumers thru the exploitation of a neural window of opportunity. The media came in thru the bathroom window. The media says: Bad monkey! bad monkey! bad monkey! Buy this and you will feel better! And so we do. Media says: Bad monkey, drink beer, you'll feel better. Monkey does. The media is in love with itself. The media will be televised. The media is a jealous god. The media wants to be reality like Pinocchio wants to be a boy.
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