Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The most advanced technology on the planet remained hidden within the nose of almost all of its human inhabitants. The 21st century was a retro science fiction novel come to life. The Aborigines in Australia figured it out 400,000 thousand years ago and to every one's chagrin, the rest of human history has been obsolete ever since. What so few could grasp was the sophistication of DNA made our inventions archaic before they were invented. The contact point - between consciousness and the molecular world of DNA - is the breath. The Aboriginals developed technology to shape the human internal topography, internal musculature, dan tiens, cellular integrity etc. They refined their techniques for tens of thousands of years to such a degree that no one could see it.

The device - considered by the Dali Lama to be an example of one of the finest evolutionary devices ever invented - has many names but the world knows it as the didjeridoo. This device circulated the planet in the 20th century with the advent of world travel. By the end of the century, the didj had spread to all corners of the earth.

The age of anxiety required a lack of breath awareness to perpetuate its fear-based brain stem monopoly. The search for mental relief led many primates to psychaitrists who gave them pills to control their breathing without them knowing. In order for any drug to alter consciousness, it must change the breathing patterns. Memories, emotions and brain system access are all tied to the breath - and diet as well.

The SlideDidge® was one of the most popular refinements to the traditional didjeridoo. It allowed the musician to change the notes, fitting more easily into an ensemble's conversation. Every conceivalbe material began to be used: PVC, glass, metal, yucca, bamboo, hemp etc.

The oldest wind instrument known to man entered a new era when the Digital Didj® was invented, designed and created by Mike Didj. This device became the ultimate biofeedback teaching device. No one knew that it would unleash the power of DNA to restore order and chaos to a world strangling on its broken record policies and various insatiable obsessions with suffering and death.