Saturday, February 17, 2007

A parrot named Apollo

I know a parrot named Apollo
he's got a microphone you can swallow
he'll sing all day for crickets and crackers
for limousines and mad hatters

I know a game called chess
where one can win rookless
but not without a king

And I woke up one day in this parallel world where the Scare Crow from the Wizard of Oz is president

The scare crow character has chiseled a new
archetype on to the wheel of human personality potential

The Scare Crow graduated from meme to demon
& currently inhabits a taco stand pretending to be a human

I know a character called the scare crow
sure wish I could make his brain grow

All roads lead to the Emerald City
glowing green with radioactivity

I know an old lion who has no mane
whose tired old growl masks resevors of pain
You'll never know courage till you break the chain

Actually, all roads currently lead to RISK®. Along the way most of you will stop and play Monopoly®. Oh yeah, you can play Life® too. And then there are always craps, poker and blackjack on the side streets.