Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Patriarch Day

When someone uses the same label [e.g. patriarchy] over and over and over, it is obvious to me that they have become entranced[fallen asleep] and have lost the ability to be receptive[learn]. You are not in a concrete reality. Your cart[mind] is pulling your horse[body]. Sorry to be the one to tell you but it's supposed to be the other way around. Do not worry though, because you are not alone. This is the American[Xian] way[creed before deed] and [this concept] is tougher for one to see than for a fish to real eyes the ubiquitous water they swim in. I know that your intentions are good but this is not enough[for me at least]. You[I] use your[my] 'good intentions' both as a bludgeon and as a shield and your[my] prowess at this keeps you[me] blind to their actual effects[self-hypnosis and alienating potential allies].

Let me take this a step further and spell out the ongoing paradox that has now become obvious to me. You do not walk your talk. You continually pay lip service to 'receptivity' but all you do is dominate these threads with the same old drivel. Your continual putdown of 'men' has led me to believe that an internal obstacle has frustrated you to the extent that you have given[gave] up on yourself. There actually is no such thing as patriarchy or matriarchy. They do not exist alone and are merely polarity points on the same wheel. Both are needed and healthy animals have access to both.

I suggest you begin to learn to love your masculinity and femininity as polar aspects of the same energy. Try this: When you have a judgment such as: "men are bad" as soon as possible follow it up with "men are good". When you are able to reduce the interval[timelag] to 0 you will then access a third point of awareness and you may begin to go beyond duality.

'I am a woman at heart using this male body'. This sounds an awful lot like a twisted reincarnation of original sin. The art of a beautiful personality is the ability to dominate and submit - effortlessly slipping back and forth and not getting attached to either.

So much mush about the evil patriarchy and the amazing matriarchy. The advent of agriculture created surplus and with it hierarchal class systems, towns, cities, wars etc. Agriculture is a matriarchal invention (see: Escape from the Nineteenth Century by Peter Lamborn Wilson) We are where we are because of human interaction with this particular g class planet.

In conclusion: If you can recognize how difficult it is for you to be 'receptive' you may gain insight into how hard it is for the rest of us[both men and women have this prob by the way]. Having found the inherent contradiction within the flotsam of your unedited, unpolished diatribes[yeah, there's a few exceptions which prove the rule], I can now go to sleep.

These are some concepts I've been 'playing with’ over the years. You are a perfect lab rat and I thank you for being honest with your contradictions and [maybe too]generous with your words. Hope you don't mind. Happy Patriarch Day!
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