Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today's lesson: Do not let a dog near your face. 77% of all dog bites happen on the face - according to this website that I am too lazy to link. I guess I was lucky that it did not go for my jugular or an eye or nose. I am still reeling from the experience of feeling the teeth sink into my cheek and then holding on for a second. I screamed like a girl, utterly shocked, reflexively jerked back my head, stood up, left the room. Soon after, I could feel the warm blood on my cheek and then dripping on my foot as i stood in the kitchen. I am not someone who lacks canine experience. Quite the contrary, my dog experience is fairly extensive. This was probably my downfall - overconfidence. The i-ching told me to 'Romance my obstacles'. This is not what I have been doing. It told me to 'remove corruption or face an anticlimatic death'. I'm sitting on a big couch watching 'Apocalypto'. The dog brushes up against my leg, I pick it up, sit it next to me on its hind legs, rub its belly - done this literally hundreds of times. I hear a low growl escape its mouth and a tenth of a second later, the sucker has clamped down on my cheek just below the eye and next to my nose.

I've never been bit by a dog on the face before. Quite a shock. This is not something I shall soon forget. I'll never let a dog near my face again.
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