Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can you swim?

Who is the one that makes the lawn green?

There is no boundary between your imagination and your memory. This fact cannot be argued. The implications shatter any systems based on absolute truth. Language always lies (this is one of the exceptions which proves the rule). Religions serve as a mechanism for social control. Humans use religion as if it were a raft on which they can float and not use their own personal critical falculties - for further research explore: personal power. Thus, religion leads to a type of neural atrophy and creates coedependent humans who are easily manipulated by specialized and refined media advertising techniques; further research: imbibe Douglas Rushcoff's Media Virus. Religion is a great mask to hide behind as well. The believer can spend a lifetime hiding behind this disguise. Patriotism is religiousity is a raft is a mask of denial of your own ability to think. The bird that watches and the bird that does are in one tree. In another tree: The bird that says: "This is good." In that same tree another bird says: "That is bad." What tree are you in Birdman?

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