Sunday, June 24, 2007

The war against intelligence

Love is always tainted thru the human filter like light thru a spectrum - refraction is inevitable. Rainbows are light waves divided – suffering, a pecking order of shades of blue other colors have become taboo.

Martha and Paris were scapegoats for Bush and Cheney – will it work?

We do not need anymore body doubles.

What came first the particle or the wave?

The journey back to the heart is a dangerous one; fraught with peril but the alternative is the same old broken record song by the brain stem and the hooligans. Fight or flight, fight or flight, fight or flight…. Our poli-cushions have honed this song for four hundred and fifteen years. Starting with chicken pox warfare somehow leading to the Xmas present war on horror movies starring the boogey man.

20 score and 15 years ago a bunch of monkeys sailed across the ocean and began to rape and pillage – they have never stopped. Apes wrote on bark and then later papyrus. The stories collected, festered and altered based on the whims of the latest hydra heads singing fight or flight from reason fight and right or treason this is a deadly season. We invented the atom in the evening and darkness is the seasoning.

12 score and 11 years ago a bunch of monkeys used feathers and ink to preserve their territory ending a war about territory but no one seems to have the constitution to digest the information the junk food nation running out of room to store the frustration hiding, rewinding but this does not change the commercialization of spiritualization.

Like a rotten tooth, our satanic administration is poisoning the nation we need a corporate root canal without a nuclear crown. We don’t need another election – too late – we need a special dentist to remove the corruption. We’ll take that old tooth and put it on top of the dirty polluted pillow that is Texas. The tooth fairy is not allowed to marry but he’ll still give ya a Lexus.

5 years and 9 months and 13 days ago a bunch of monkeys punked the nation and the rest of the world could smell the fish burning thousands of miles away. Trick or pain sick of rain global ball and Cheney looks like its time to pay the piper.

The journey back to the start is a long and winding maze the end of a faze of a frozen moon giant steps are what you take holding on to a balloon I hope the string don’t break holding on a balloon. We can talk forever holding on a balloon. I hope my string don’t break holding on holding on a balloooon.

Some may say, I’m surfing my daze away, OK. Tomorrow’s another wave – I may as well play. Da da dauhhh… keep it up. It only makes me smarter.

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