Thursday, October 27, 2016

The presidential election is rigged.

Hillary was a shoe-in for 2016 before Obama was sworn in - in 2008. The presidential election is rigged. It is a farce. And it doesn't even have to be hidden anymore because enough Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the time they reach the voting age. Many of us have our entire psyche invested in the dominant delusions - (We live in a democracy, voting is our civic duty, our votes count for something, we must go to war to protect obsolete fossil fuels or preserve democracy or topple a dictator, the earth was created for humans to exploit etc.). Most are incapable of recovering from the cavernous disillusionment that occurs when we realize we have been living in a tree of lies our entire lives. A snake sheds its skin when it's ready. It's much easier for people to label others as idealistic etc then to examine and debug their own personal operating system. We live in an age where free thinkers have become the scapegoats. It appears to me that the USA has an autoimmune disease which has systemically spread to other parts of the world.