Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Breath of Resonance

Do you have trouble staying grounded?
Do you feel like you are slowly drowning in a river of humans?
Have you ever experienced a panic attack?

Out of touch with the divine?
Out of touch with nature?
Out of touch with your intuition?
Out of touch with your breath?

I know precisely what you are going through and it is my honor and privilege to help those of us who have been traumatized by our youthful institutional indoctrinations, dysfunctional upbringing, generational karma etc.  Unable to escape these patterns - we weave nets with our brains which only trap us - giving the false sense that we are actually healing something when all we are doing is running to stand still. We do not condone the use of any drugs to mask our feelings. Every tear drop is worth more than all the gold in the world. We encourage authentic emotional expression.

After receiving my psychology degree at the University of Scranton, I have spent over 20 years exploring and mastering many different breath work modalities - tai chi, qi-gong, the 6 Tibetans, circular breathing, didgeridoo sound work, and Tibetan Buddhist chanting - to name a few.

Breath work can connect our consciousness to both the molecular level and the cosmic continuum. I see it as a creative response to soul deep disturbances.
I have learned that breathing patterns dictate the states, flavors and colors of consciousness. I am now committed and inspired to introduce and teach the essence of over 20 years of breath work:


I customize modalities based on your own particular way of breathing (shallow/upper respiratory - all the way to full body breathers) which place you firmly on the path of resonance. 

What can you expect? The sky is the limit. Learn to rise above with your true wings - your lungs.
Find our what you have been missing out on. Magic has been there/here all along.

Maybe you’re a brilliant singer - it’s all about the breath!
Find the gifts within.
The time is now.