Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am odd for this place

I am odd for this place
Always been outside the race
Motivation can’t be seen
I am king of make believe
Run around all day long
You are right I am wrong
Another day another wave
Another dollar another grave
You are young I am old
Only do what you are told
You are old I am young
You have work I have fun
Globe is warm space is cold
I am paper watch me fold
Words are lies to cover sighs
Hide your face when you cry
Everyone needs to feel
Like the sick need to heal
I am lost you are found
I will not make a sound
Combustion is everywhere
I smell smoke in every tear
It’s a small ant farm after all
I am John and you are Paul
Never know where I am
Never had a magic plan
Predatory atmosphere
All you got to do is scare
The mind will close
Like a door
This is the art of making war
I am free to obey
I am free as a lump of clay
What comes next I do not know
I’ll go to sleep and dodge tomorrow
When I do open my eyes
Today will bring its own surprise

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