Thursday, March 13, 2008

Radioactive Waves

You hear things about the environment all the time. It seems more abstract than concrete because we can not see the forest for the trees. We got satellites and scientists and weather channels and psychic channels and we got politicians and prophets and they all got their agenda. The weather seems crazy, polar ice caps melting, mega twisters, tidal waves and what ever. Attribution of blame is not all that clear in reality. But, when you can find all these pharmaceutical drugs in the water than we know that we did it. It means that the EPA has completely failed to do the job entrusted by the American people. Somewhere along the line, corruption has become systemic like a cancer running rampant thru the lymphatic fluid of the nation, the river, streams, lakes and oceans. This is what the government was supposed to prevent. Instead, it manufactures weapons to kill more and more people so it can get more oil to make more weapons and deploy folks who can't see the human race for their family. So much easier to focus on just surviving every day, each distraction is something to savor and cling to like a life raft in a raging sea of unnecessary suffering. I surfed today in Ventura where just about 12 miles off the coast, on the ocean floor, lie barrels and barrels of nuclear waste that have been there for 50 years. So now, the nuclear waste is oozing out and will be contaminating the coast for the next couple thousand years. How did things get this way? Why am I surfing radioactive waves? How come our leaders are so awfully incompetent and weak? This is one reason why I think surfers should be paid. When some of us start coming down with radiation poisoning, well, we got some pretty concrete evidence, don't we? Canaries in the coal mine. Some think that the survivors will be living underground after the inevitable destruction of civilization. I am optimistic and believe that we will find ways to clean up the messes of our shortsighted, corrupt, greedy and gluttonous leadership. They will do everything they can to destroy the world just as they try to destroy themselves, their souls. They suffer more than they can or will admit. They hide it with lies, insults, grimace grins, food, sex, death. But some of us see thru to the core of their being which cries and cries. Find a way to forgive your self. Truly love your self and you will find heaven every where you look.

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