Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go with the flow

Once again the golf course is busy, each golfer chasing their little white ball around - some in golf carts and some walking. I make my way thru the rough alongside the fairway with my slide-didj slung over my shoulder, within its plastic case. I don’t stop till the point comes to view. There’s only 2 surfers out and it look like a mess out there. The completely disorganized surf manages to cough up one wave which a surfer is able to catch and connect it to a bunch of other waves which lead him to 10 m or so of the shore. As he walks by I say: “Nice wave.”

He smiles and says: “It was the only wave.”

This confirms my conclusion that this is a good day to let my body recover from yesterday’s stresses. I can still feel the lactic acid in my shins, feet and hamstrings. Two days of tennis exposed several unused muscles. My 5-mile run, 3 days ago, must’ve also played a role. This kind of pain, I enjoy, it means that I have been pushing my body to the limit and tomorrow I will wake up stronger.

My slide-didj and I continue on our journey. I recognize that this is the perfect moment to check out the acoustics of the tunnel, which runs under Turtle Bay’s driveway. It is narrow, just wide enough to allow golf carts to make their way to the Arnold Palmer golf course. I position myself towards the middle and began some chanting, barking and other various sonic forays. I squeeze up to the side and continue to play as various golfers motor passed me. The tunnel concentrates the sound of their electric motors and after a while, I tire of the noisy competition.

The didj playing provides a nice warm up for my next activity – tai chi. In the past, the tennis court has made for one of the better environments for this slow motion supremely ultimate exercise. It has a high degree of privacy, is flat and outside. This time around, there were folks playing tennis. Oh well, gotta be flex. My back up is the pool area. It is enclosed by a 4 foot lava stone wall with 2 locked gates but does not have much privacy. It is in view of 10-15 condos. Go with the flow. Before even beginning, I prepare myself for interruptions or even the possibility of having to find another spot.

Soon after beginning, I notice three shaved headed dudes making there way down a staircase from a second floor condo. One of the guys make a point of staring, I don’t mind, people tend to react that way when they see things out of the ordinary. As they make there way across my field of vision, one of them waves his fingers at me. I respond nonchalantly: “How ya doin guys?”

For some reason they are sort of freaked out and hurry on and the one with a half full bottle of beer says: “Ohh fine… thanks… uh... have a good one.”

Many times in the passed, my self-importance has gotten the best of me. This has led me to take offense when there was none intended. But this time I reacted from confidence, control and rooted power. Thus, as this exchange took place, I felt a subtle surge of power roll up my spine like a gravity defying wave and out thru the top of my skull. A slight feeling of euphoria and an overall sense of well-being pervaded my being.

My goal was to practice the form for 60 minutes straight. I ended up going passed it a bit, finishing up at 63 minutes and 23 seconds.