Monday, March 19, 2007

The antidote

The antidote to being stuck on the fear channel remains inaccessable to many. Thus we live in the age of irony when we learn that it lies within us. After so many years of being conditioned to be a child, Johnny Public American, no longer has the neurophysiology to undo the cultural conditioning - a type of chineese finger lock, except its the brain stem stuck in a boob tube. The breath is overtalked overlooked over rationalized and a living nebulous presence with hair trigger shyness. See that bird in the cage? Do you feel a trifle sad that this being is trapped, wings clipped and unable to fly. What songs will this bird sing? This bird is your breath and as you lament the bird's situation, so, unknowingly, do you lament your own. How do you capture a bird and not kill it? How does one discipline the breath without strangling it? By becoming the sky.

The pool of relaxed and not easy to manipulate humans will begin to increase its volume and natually and logarithmically assimulate more control over the direction of the species. It is a natural consequence of the rebound effect that occurs when sufficient amounts of citizens become aware of the emperor's blatant nakedness, transparencey, fraudalence, lacking any sense of refinement or intelligence. No self knowledge and unlimited power can be a dreadful combination and ultimately implodes; all the while continuing the silly self-serving lies which seem to be collecting in the collective conscious faster than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Smiles tend to hang out with other smiles and sometimes smiles are contagious. As the information war intensifies, multiple sources of information will be the modus operandi of the intelligence agent. Carefully observing conflicts of interest. The studious student will look at most clumps of news as tangled knots in string that have all kinds of debris clinging to it. What is accurate? Who is the author? What is their agenda? What is their bias? What's yours?