Saturday, September 08, 2007

In a rut

I am stuck in a rut
doesn't matter no one cares
where I was is not believed
who can guess what I have seen
drop it in the nearest hole
ignorance is the goal
what I know is worth 10 zeros
but not here and no one knows

so I walk around the latest phase
losing time in random ways
been inside this space before
In a room without a door
How did I get inside again
where there never seems to be an end

When every day's like yesterday
you can laugh or you can say
told you so you little man
you should have made a simple plan
Instead you live from day to day
Without hard work life's only play

Work is what will set you free
concentrate and just believe
that everything is just maybe
but don't you see the pointlessness
participating in thoughtlessness
so many suffer when you turn away
your closed eyes don't erase the blame

The fault gets passed from high to low
and then your gassed inside your home
You can laugh or you can say
told you so you little man
you knew it all was just a scam
there's nothing there no one in charge
no one who isn't behind bars

and now your country is no more
it was bought and sold just like a whore
by politician pimps and obediant chimps
they'd follow a dollar off a cliff
And their herd would follow in a jiff

the world always keeps its spin
out in the wild there is no sin
we just survive as best we can
some are wolves and most are lambs
some are dogs and some are cats
some are birds and some are bats
you can never know just where I'm at
No matter what you think you know
this human is just a simple crow

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