Monday, October 22, 2007

Plastic garbage island will be my new home {link}

I've recently decided that the continent-sized island of trash that is floating between San Francisco and Hawaii will make a great place to live - even though it is a product of ocean currents, Dupont and humans acting like insects. I am accepting donations and grants to make this transition financially viable. According to marine biologists, this humongous heap of floating refuse has been doubling every decade and now is twice the size of Texas. Since there actually is no such thing as garbage, only unlocked potential, then it is safe to say that my future home has strong investment potential. I want to call my new island Texas but I am afraid that name is already taken and calling it New Texas just won't work. Some in the press have been calling it Gilligan's Island which is good for a chuckle but certainly not where I want to live. "Du Pont Us" has a karmic ring to it but I'm going to pass. Garbageland might work but I think that Texas is already nicknamed that. How about Plastica? Let me know, leave a comment for once, it won't kill ya - just click 'waves' and don't be shy.

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