Thursday, November 01, 2007

God Grew Tired of Michael Vick

"In 1983, about 25,000 boys from southern Sudan, most of them 5 to 10 years old, fled the advancing Muslim army from the north that was seeking to exterminate the male population of black Christians. The Lost Boys, as they came to be known, trekked barefoot for more than 1,000 miles and eventually settled in a U.N. refuge camp in Kakuma, Kenya, which is where Quinn started filming." The Hollywood Reporter

God Grew Tired of Us is a documentary which chronicles the lives of three young men who have been given the opportunity to leave their refugee camp in Africa and live in America.

Jon Bul Dau is an extremely tall Lost Boy. When he arrives in Pittsburg he is happy to be given this chance but he is also sad because he cannot forget his comrades who still must live in the refugee camp. Jon speaks of the brotherhood that they shared there and how they looked out for eachother. In America, he feels a lacking of this tribal conscousness that he experienced in Kenya. But Jon persists and before long he is working three jobs and sending most of the money he earns to his mother and sister in Uganda and also to his Lost Boy brothers in Kenya.

The other night my friend Clay asked me what I thought about Michael Vick. I had just seen the DVD, God Grew Tired of Us and so I could not help but see the contrast between Jon Bul Dau and Michael Vick. Emotion shined from my eyes and my voice trembled as I stated that Michael Vick is very far from God. "He[Vick] had millions and millions of dallars and all he was doing was bankrolling an illegal dog fighting enterprise. It is just unbelievable to me that with all the suffering going on in the world that he'd do that with his resources. And then you look at Jon Bul Dau, and he is working in a factory, then he is working in McDonald's and what does he do next? He's sending his money to Africa to help his family!"

Clay listens intently and says: "I really like your take on Michael Vick, it is so hard to understand why he did that."

"Yeah, imagine Michael Vick, he's looked up to by millions, he is wealthy, famous and physically beautiful but inside all he has is contempt for all his fans. Why? Because he does not know God. He is very far from the spirit that runs thru all things. Even as it runs thru his heart, he is far away. He is not in his heart and that is why he could kill dogs for sport. He was crying for help. Meanwhile, in Africa, there is so much suffering. It is an area where he could make a difference. In contrast, Jon Bul Dau is now building a children's hospital in Sudan. Unbelievable! He was working at McDonald's! God bless you Jon!"
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