Monday, December 03, 2007

Everything is subjective...

The following essay was pulled from a Reality Sandwich comment thread and can be attributed to ecolocal.

The Torah and The Bible were written by fanatical genocidal maniacs (apparently exclusively male) with the sole purpose of justifying genocide and turning human populations into easily controlled herds - and you'd better believe it.
There was nothing "open source" about these books , and openness was most certainly not in the agenda. The constant modification was done by people in charge , with the aim of justifying their crimes (actual and proposed) against humanity. These were political propaganda documents reinforced by metaphysical rewards and punishments.
Zionist jews believe they have the "right" to violently invade and take over Palestine not only because the Torah is historically valid as a proof for claiming "back their land" , but because they believe the metaphysical messages of the Torah are also valid, and these messages make them the Chosen People (all the way back to Abraham, God's best mate) with Divine Rights above all others.
(Funnily, many muslims also think about themselves along similar lines)
The so-called "scholars" are mostly fakes with careers to protect, who could never admit that these so-called sacred books are not only historically but also metaphysically FALSE.
The claim that they are the product of some sort of collective archetypal/mythological knowledge is as equally false as the claim that they are historical documents. What they really represent is a very cunning and devious hi-jacking of actual myths and folklore, twisted and distorted to serve purposes that were not exactly "altruistic"- much more like "enslaving".

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