Saturday, November 10, 2007

Galactic Center Eclipse is coming to an end

And so the Sun spun around in at least two different ways: rotating in its own controlled self spin as well as revolving around galactic center which most likely is the home of a singularity whose mass defies calculation. The galaxy itself is moving as well and this is the third type of spin that as far as I know has yet to be numerically classified. Meanwhile, this gives the Earth at least four different types of spin. Alas, the Moon which always faces us does not rotate for its obsession and dependence on our various forms of momentum and thus has as many types of spin as us.

The Sun has two counter ratating fields which generate tremendous amounts of electromagnetism and gravity which enclose the entire Solar System making it a plasmatic entity of its own accord. We spiral thru space as a conduit in an enormous capacitor spaceship where it has never been about where we are going but who we are now.

For the past 5 thousand years we have passed thru a galactic center eclipse which has left us in the darkness of self ignorance. DNA never sleeps and has perfected itself in the only way it could, and thus the species finds itself at the brink of self immolation as a consequence of brain stem dominance.

Before the darkness fell, nearly 5 thousand years ago, humans were capable of perceiving the meridians which travel even now as I type and as you now read. The meridians are a magnetic phenomena which leave no doubt as to our connection to the Earth and to the Sun. These magnetic meridians provide insight into our health on a molecular/energetic level. Thus without this inner and outer sight we are left blind.

Sometime in 2012, the galactic center eclipse will end and we will begin to see that which has been hidden. After 5000 years of self deception, many humans are in for a glare filled awakening. Even now, as the dawning begins, the humans scramble for soul glasses - ways to dull the senses. The spine is an antenna. We are receivers and transmitters whose ability to function has been hampered by junk food diets and improper use of the biocomputer hardware. Maybe the sudden change in awarenss would have shocked most into catatonic statues like deer in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Thus, we may feel like we are on a bus whose driver is blind. Our leaders are blind and have merely been led by the artificial graivity that is the dollar bill. Of course they have insulated themselves thru alcohol and drugs and gluttony for this is there only way to survive. They cannot handle the actuality of their part in the decision making process. It is much easier to keep the inner eyes closed and play along with the status quo.

And so our leaders have no self spin. They revolve around an obsolete motivational tool which has become obscured and corrupted at the hands of seriously deranged inferiors who can be likened to monkeys shaking trees and beating their chests. Monkeys in limos. Monkeys in Porsches. Monkeys well groomed and drunk on alcohol. But nothing can stop the eclipse from ending and our sight returning - not even intoxicated monkeys with delusions of grandeur.

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