Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dolphins, sweeping and the didj

So why do I need an underwater camera? I want to shoot footage of my playing the didjeridoo in the ocean to a dolphin pod. Not an easy task but with a kayak and a stand up paddle board it can be done and may be quite interesting. The didjeridoo is such an amazing instrument because of the circular breathing technique. How did it begin? How did someone come up with this? Keeping the outflow continuous is such an ingenious concept for countless reasons. One of them being the clearing out of stale gas from the lungs. It also helps to circulate cerebral spinal fluid. Playing the didj increases body sensory awareness. I can go on and on. One story about the origin of the didjeridoo is that it came from the dolphins. Somehow, dolphins kept trying to teach humans until they finally succeeded with the Australian Aborigine. Why did they do this? Because they wanted to communicate with humans. Thus, I'd like to head out with a stand up paddle board and start sweeping and playing the didjeridoo while someone in a kayak films the expeience.

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