Friday, December 07, 2007

थे Universe's birthday

The swell arrives in a cluster of seemingly non related events which will eventually lead me to develop an all encompassing wave theory which will explain everything in the universe. Thus, I missed the latest swell and now will have to wait for the ocean to self clean itself after the onslaught of various species feces from the conversion of dry river beds to rivers which flow into the ocean. Of significance for this almost winter camper: a call from Sol to watch his two beautiful action oriented lads, Jai and Taj. Rain arrived last night and its predictability prompted me to arrange my material world under an orange awning jury rigged with PVC pipe which somehow managed to withstand the December night of rain which has left cold wet firewood in its wake. The rain stopped before the sun arose on a day that was Taj's third birthday. Taj has strong feelings and the will power to back it up. He stated unequivocally, "I don't want to be three. I am 2 and a half." No amount of reasoning or coaxing was able to wobble his stance.

"Hey, Taj, can I have your birthday?" I stated innocently deadpan.

"No." Taj instantly replied. "I'm gonna give it to Gigi." This brought a smile to Jai and me. For the rest of the morning, Taj explained to all the retreatants who brought up his special day that he had given his birthday to Gigi. Some smiled, some walked away confused and some smiled confusedly.

When cake time arrived, Taj did manage to blow out his three candles on his heart shaped coconut icing cake.

We sang happy birthday to the universe and I wondered if that had been done before. And now I ponder: how could the universe only be three years old?

We wrap up the days of playtime with one more wrestle mania match where both boys reveled in attacking me. "What's your wrestling name?" I query Taj.

"I'm Volcano Tree." He says.

"I'm Skull," Jai states.

"I'm Flash Flood!" I say with the deep voice of conviction, crossing my arms, raising them and then go on to say: "Get ready, you think your safe but before you know it, Flash Flood arrives and every one drowns!" I laugh, Jai stares and Taj stares up in awe and says:


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