Friday, March 14, 2008

Boycott China

First of all, I love China. I love traditional Chinese medicine. And tai chi is the greatest living cultural artifact in the world. But, and this is one big ass but, China has gone too friggin far for 49 years. Richard Gere feels that we need to consider boycotting the Beijing Olympics. I am taking it a step further. BOYCOTT CHINA!! This country has crossed over the edge and lost the plot. China is poisoning the world, thru pollution of all their rivers, poison pet food etc.. Their latest atrocities against Tibet are the straw breaking the camel's back. Free Tibet! Free Tibet! Free Tibet. Bardo Surfer has officially announced: let the Boycott begin. I will have nothing to do with any products made from China. Alas, I will still practice tai chi and the 5 Tibetans every day. I will continue to visit my acupuncturist/cuppist/herbalist. That is all. You are free to sit still.
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Blogger Tom said...

About boycotting the Olympic Games, i’m not sure it will do any good…On the contrary it will upset the Chinese People who will only understand what the Party will tell to understand…
We’d better go as the OG are a great means to directly communicate with the Chinese People without the communist filter.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sign the Boycott Pledge! Visit us at and pledge your support to boycott China and the 2008 Olympic Games. Human and Civil Rights abuses, abuses to religious freedom, Tibet occupation and LGBT oppression. Tell the world "China is wrong!"

4:36 AM  

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