Thursday, April 10, 2008

i've risen from a prison

i've risen from a prison. Trying to remember what life feels like before the prism of my temporal lobes, neural cardiac tissue and white matter. Converting the experience into words, symbols, maps and colors, I have transmitted pieces of paradigms thru out the world using intra-dispersive technology like a pony. My symbols have been turned into on and off switches in order to make transfer thru wires and radio waves possible - ultimately for your experimental enjoyment. I require nothing to compensate me for my time and awareness dedicated to the dissemination of this carefully experienced knowledge. i've fallen from the towers before and survived the return to earth only to climb the towers again to fall back to earth and breaking this cycle before breaking my will by turning my lungs into wings that allow me to fly thru walls that never were real. Invisible fences for invisible sheep but I can see you even though I am expert at not appearing to because my vision is invisible because it does not appear on your monitors does that make me the observer? My gaze changes every molecule in what appears to be your body but it is so much more, so much more vast when looking thru a microscope and so much smaller looking thru a telescope. I am a zillion miles away and I am so close I am you. Every breath has been shared by everyone. water is not the only solution. Air is a solution. The vacuum of space is a solution. The whole universe is a solute when it is stuck in the cornea of my eye. The cell has died for my constant inspection. I can see the nucleus which houses the rock band's recordings and distributes the musical anthem thru ribosomes. The currency is proteins imbedded in the cell wall. I can see the dendrites like telephone wires, like octopus tentacles, like Internet connections. The NSA wishes it had my ability to wire tap my own inner connections but instead it is left chasing its own tails, its own tales that wag its head, it nods to itself, its own reflection. The mirror cannot reflect the distant constellation that is dying in the corner of my eye. Hydrogen is perpetually unstable until it shares an electron with Oxygen and then it is at peace like Switzerland sharing its language with France and Germany. Iraq is perpetually unstable as its petroleum concentration is a constant salvation for a few and a constant downfall for the rest. It will not share electrons and they cannot be stolen and death has replaced Euros which have replace dollars. Everything is getting more expensive and we are all getting payed less. My vision thru a prison turns experience into colors, pictures, numbers and words which I compulsively try to relate to you, one of the few who have some how waded thru this nonsense. The more vague I am the more information I convey. Remember what it was like before the prism? Before the prison that has no walls... I am a child and upon awakening, every morning, I experience complete bliss until I remember who I am, what I have to do or not do or what can I do today to feel worth while? Who is the one asking the question? Work will set you free, or does freedom exist at all times like love? Where is your heart? What is it saying? Feel and do not imprison it with words. The window has opened do not hesitate... jump and the wings will grow before you reach the ground... Oxygen is everywhere my dear Hydrogen friend who is perpetually unstable within the periodic table which is only a map... the window is your eye and the spec is the universe...
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Hey.. I am stuck in a valley... any chance of rock climber type rescue?

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