Monday, May 12, 2008

remember forgetting

Do you remember when you were small and what was important to you? First is breath, second is food and third not being alone.

You could choose fitting in or you could choose getting smarter but you could not choose both.
Do you remember what it was like before you could speak do you remember what mattered the most? Do you?
I remember watching them dump the garbage from the barges into the ocean on Sesame Street.
I remember being shocked and awed that we could be so dumb. I remember watching the rubbish truck, compacting the garbage in the morning light.

Did you choose fitting in or getting smarter which one's easy which one's harder?

There's so much poison everywhere and it does not seem like its going away. Poison in the water, poison in the ground and it does not matter what I say. Its a toxic playground, a polluted planet, a compound to dumbfound and a rolling casket. And so the decision is yours and mine - might as well be kind and forgive the desecration and generate a sacred self image nation and sewing seeds of love elation before the curtain closes too soon.
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Blogger Chad B. said...

Didj. Yes.

No going back. Only going forward.

On those things that were thoughts and are now steps, we'll ascend dude ..

1:36 AM  

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