Wednesday, May 07, 2008

tv face

i got a TV face and dirty feet my hands are white but my thumb is green
i got a lazy frown and a crazy town but if you make me laugh i'll turn around
my tongue is tied just like my finger i'd write a book but i'm a singer laaaaaaaa
my back is sore my shoulder aches i'm dreaming of a placid place
i got after thoughts and after shocks i'm twisting in a paradox
can't make me think can't make me feel i can find a way to deal
with every thing and nothing too you shine a light and love is real
the day arrives like the one before the wave becomes when it finds the shore
no one knows yesterday and tomorrow can never be
so i will stop and go to sleep
and dream of gorgous blue night
and transform the world inside my head with truth and love and light

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