Monday, October 17, 2011


The problem lies within the system itself - it is deeply flawed. Wall Street and banks regulating themselves, govt. corruption, unemployment etc - all symptoms of an ailing system. Congress is for sale, the senate is for sale, supreme court is for sale and of course: president mouthpiece is for sale.

I like your call for a third party to step up although in my view it would actually be, in practice, a second party. I, along with many others, believe the 2 party system is a myth. Anytime Pavlov rings his money bell both drooling parties align themselves with astonishing quickness.

It's becoming more and more obvious to a growing number of humans that our resources are not being utilized efficiently and in fact are being flushed down the toilet. We live in an age of tremendous abundance and contradiction. War is obsolete, unnecessary, inhumane, astronomically wasteful, pointless, reprehensible and criminal. Yet it persists, grows and claims an enormous piece of the pie. War never waits in line and answers to no one. President mouthpiece has committed the USA towards purchasing nuclear weaponry for the next 3 decades. This same system wants to force healthcare on me? Now THAT is ludicrous. How can this happen? It is the system. It is profoundly flawed. How will it be corrected? When enough people demand it for a long enough period of time. And when they start voting with their dollar - when enough people start becoming aware of what is actually going on behind closed doors - when enough people start waking up to the true potential of the human race. That is what is starting to happen now, I hope. Call me an optimist :)

Wall Street makes an obvious target and is receiving the brunt of the blame right now but don't they deserve criticism? They got bailed out and immediately cashed in - a public relations disaster which could have easily been avoided. But their hubris and sense of entitlement has led to a verdict of guilty in the court of public opinion.

In conclusion, I feel the occupy movement is not only condemning Wall Street they are condemning the system. This is a world wide phenomenon and it is gaining momentum every day. I don't know where it's going to lead us but I am glad that it is happening.
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