Monday, August 31, 2015

Read it and Leap

The day the constitution died again - I was just a kid programmed by the TV to just say no. Regardless of how well this campaign prepared the weakest of the American herd for incarceration, slaughter and brain damage - and it did do that - we cannot overstate how poisonous and unsustainable the calculated authoritative response has been or - just call it nefariously motivated think tank inventions. These guys were fucking poets. 'Epidemic of drug use', 'Drug War', 'Crack babies.' 'Crack whores' etc. You'd think orbiting death and suffering might get a bit old. A tad stale. One might think. TV has various methods of preparing its product for the corporations who pay it. How much did the Reagans get for betraying the republic? Perhaps they merely needed pats on the back, flattery and scripts. Does it matter? What matters is that the prison industrial complex has grown to be the number 2 complex in America. Number 1 being the military industrial complex. Think about this. The top two complexes in our country revolve around destroying, incarcerating and breaking people. Both these complexes being inherently destructive demand debt based economies. Weapons have no value when the currency has no place for war. 
The next death of the constitution began with the calculated misuse of a 3 letter word. Let’s suspend the constitution. Not only that, lets bypass ethics, morality etc. Anything that gets in our way. So simple. War. Declare war. Now, when your product is people you’re faced with a problem. People can read write and communicate with each other. So, when harvesting people’s your business you certainly don’t want to spook the herd. So declare war on drugs. Now authority has no restraints because its war: 1) Constitution is suspended, 2) open season on the weakest of the American herd, 3) Corporate sponsored media outlets contribute in subtle and not so subtle ways to create an entirely false narrative designed to prepare the product.
Declaring, implementing and perpetuating the hoax called the war on drugs can now be seen as an act of treason through the eyes of reason. 
Google’s news feed recently featured a story about humans being the super predator on the planet. Its difficult to fathom the degree to which the human animal has sharpened its predatory knife on its own kind. The ability to be simultaneously oblivious acts as a lubricant to the cultural bio machine.
Super Predator Economies based on destroying countries and breaking people rely on systemic brain damage starting with the horrifying moment we are squeezed out of our womb into the most alien and dehumanizing place possible - a hospital. Another downward spiral is born. Broken super predators need lots of love. 

The vampire represents a super predator who preys on humans for their blood. Thru vampire eyes humans can be seen as cattle. We love to observe this vampire super predator in various scenarios and over time they’ve become sympathetic and even cool. The camera gives us their perspective and somehow shockingly we find ourselves relating to what once was portrayed as a monster by the late great Boris Karloff. We look underneath the mask and gasp as we find the human. And then we look beneath the human mask and we find the super predator...