Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The new Ohio

Making waves rockin boats
Shake down raves Utah goats
Time to paddle outside the waves
Watch the scapegoats get reef shaves
Razor sharp like cheese graters
Mp5’s, assault rifles both equate life haters
Splitting hairs splitting heads
Too much talk not enough dead?

I’m a wave machine my blood is green
And the waves I make are very clean
If you fall you will bleed
It will burn
You will see

We are food we are eaten
Go to a party you might get beaten
Yeah, do not forget Ohio
Do you remember Ohio?
Have you heard of Ohio?
It’s a food chain gang up
Cultural one up
Warning shot over the bow
Put up or shut up

‘Cause, Utah is the new Ohio
Utah is the new Ohio
Utah is the new Ohio
Neal Young knows go read his bio

Viet Nam was the new Korea
The war on terror is a syntax error
Iraq is now the new Nam
What will be the new Islam?

Need a new Gaza need a new plaza
Need a new volcano to make some lava

No matter how many times you clean your gun
You can’t erase the damage done
Always pointing the gun at the new some one

You make believers
With old lies
Prey on pray-ers
Who don’t know you’re blind

Some one can see that you don’t see
Some one sees a hole where your soul could be