Sunday, September 25, 2005

Half awake

Last night, Angus the cat began to meow, meow, meow underneath the bedroom door. Obviously he was trying to tell me something. Who the heck knows what time it was. All I know was that the yowling woke me and that Angus was telling me one of two things: “I want food” or “I want to go outside”.

“Go back to sleep, Angus,” I say. He ignores my pleas.

This actually occurred the night before as well. If we are keeping records of this than I can accurately report to you that Angus has never woken me from sleep except early in the AM - after the sun has just become visible. So, after the second night of this rudeness, my brain automatically begins the process of discovering a way for me to have uninterrupted sleep. Even though I am half a wake, within seconds, the answer appears like a distant constellation in the night sky of my unconscious: “Get Angie in the bathroom, close the bathroom door, close the bedroom door and sleep on the couch."

The last moments, before falling asleep on the white couch, I can hear the faint “meoow” of Angus in the bathroom.

Well, today felt nice not to have any responsibility; finally, a day off after working 11 days in a row. While in progress, the retreat felt like it would last forever. Now that it is over, it feels like the time flew by. Like I was on some kind of crazy merry-go-round. Someone asked me if I was walking around lighting candles while people were having sex. Rest assured, I was nowhere near the Yoga studio when the workshops were in session. I informed the questioner that my own understanding of tantric sex was that most of the work involves synching up the partner’s breathing, releasing toxic emotions and clearing the mind of distractions thru various techniques. I will probably never know what they did during this retreat. All I know is that everyone seemed more relaxed and happy when it concluded.

Tonight I am sleeping in the decently sized house on the hill. It is unfurnished except for the couch that I am sitting on right now. The cushions will become my mattress. The crickets provide a nice soundscape. A few minutes ago, coyotes were singing. The house was supposed to be officially someone else’s yesterday but the switch was pushed back a week.