Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Birthday waves

No longer is it my birthday as the hour continues its unending cycle of counting to 24 so we all know when to meet, begin or leave. This birthday went by like a scripted dream that had a mind of its own. It began at 10:48 AM – the moment when I popped out of bed like a freshly picked fruit – ripe for the day to begin.

My arrival on the estate went unnoticed and I immediately began my inspections and tasks. I watered various plants on the back porch and the upper porch. The pond begged for water. The fish begged for food. The turtle popped its head out of the water, looked at me. I tuned into the ripples of his thought forms: “Please give me some food, mate”. Hmm, an Australian turtle, I thought.

Fish thanked me for their food. Turtle thanked me in his methodical way and the pond contentedly chuckled its gratitude while remarking how full it felt. I then took a half hour to skim off the fallen leaves, some brown, some black, some green.

The phone rang its song here and there and I spoke with friends, brothers and parents. All wished me a happy birthday.

I return to my good friend the ocean. Once again I enter the waters of Surfer’s Point, paddle out and sat waiting for some waves to ride. The first wave closed out, I tried to get off it cleanly, stepping back off it, the board twisted and my ass landed on the fin. It sliced my wetsuit. I checked for blood using my hand. None to be seen. Thus, I remain in the ocean not really noticing the 2 inch rip over my left cheek, checking for blood as the pain slowly fades. The waves are in the 2-4 foot range, peaking, multiple lineups, decently long rides and tough to catch unless you are in the right spot. There’s much less surfers out today, Today’s location is 200 yards away from the agro award winner of yesterday. I speak with several surfers and the vibe is 100% friendly. After several, miscues and close outs, I manage to catch two awesome waves back to back. These are my birthday waves and they leave me in a special place of bliss, which even now I feel.

Tonight, I organized a small gathering of close friends at a local restaurant. The night flew by with laughter, conversation, well wishes and of course a singing of the classic: “Happy Birthday To You” to me. I brought some one special on the back of my bike and we left together when the eatery closed, friends on the sidewalk bidding us fare well.