Monday, September 19, 2005

Aggro surfer of the week award goes to...

The other day, while up on a hill I played the song "Fool on the Hill" by The Beatles. Feeling a bit foolish, I sang along practicing yoga and such in this house that soon will be owned by some one else. I am always sleeping in a different space, t-house, cottage, yurt, house... The cycle continues on. The rest of this week I will be in the house on the hill. The house in escro that settles like a cloud of dust on Saturday. The deed will be their's and then I shall sleep somewhere else.

Today brought me the luxury of waking up when ever I felt the urge. Work day does not begin till 11:00 AM. Walk the land, same ole same ole and then Sunny calls to wish me a happy b'day. We end up dioscussing the merits and worth of Burning Man. Our opinions conflict and I can sense her straining to keep composure for a few beats. Subject changes, the conversation continues and then it is 1:00 PM and time to surf once again.

The first parking lot is once again open to General Public. I find a spot and am able to put my stuff on the strip of grass which borders the parking lot and the boardwalk. I paddle out to the same spot as yesterday and catch a wave almost immediately which closes out rather quickly. I keep making my way down the line up, lots of difficulty catching a wave and when I do it is a close out. No bones about it, my paddling just needs to get stronger. Adding to my frustration a bleach blonde haired surfer keeps cutting me off. After one near miss, I say with a smile: "I almost ran into you."

Immediately I realize that I have made a serious mistake saying anything to this guy with splotches of white sunscreen lotion on his face giving him a ghoulish look. His reaction is instantaneous rage. I am fascinated by the contortions his face make and am not surprised when he paddles straight at me "I want to punch you in the head so fucking harrd!" He hits the water instead.

Sensing danger, I remain calm and say: "Sorry dude."

He thinks about doing something illegal: aggravated assault, murder... but his terroristic threat will have to suffice I guess. He paddles right next to me and I paddle away, about a hundred yards down the beach. I catch a couple waves and then get out of the ocean where it's not the sharks that you have to be wary of...