Monday, September 12, 2005

Wave closing out while another wave forms

The digital wristwatch alarm beeps and I awaken searching for it. It is on my wrist. Turn it off. Close eyes and drift in the limbo between until the cell phone jingles. It is John. Turns out he needs me to follow him in his Ford Focus down to a car shop. The breaks "have worn down to nothing". I will meet him at his house at noon.

Yoga studio floor has lots of dust and hair. Obscure facts that we don't want to know: dust is mostly made up of human hair and human skin. As I cruise thru my various practices I can see the hair, dust and leaves. Normally, I'd dust mop the whole sucker but Lupe, our cleaning person has commandeered the big broom for a top secret mission. Actually, I don't speak Spanish and she does not speak English. She is an island that never smiles.

As I prepare for my 12:00 PM errand, I realize that this will be my opportunity to have John view a certain obscure movie. A movie that I had a cameo appearance in. There is a scene which revolves around a bit of astrophysical knowledge that I share at a party. The camera work is cool and my bald head glows in the night like a meteorite. John has had a certain movie on the verge of getting financial backing for the last half year. I have been hoping for a while that it gets the funding needed to make it happen. When I arrive at John's just before noon, I see him waiting in the driveway. He leads taking a long round about route.

We arrive in our separate vehicles at the automobile repair shop. While I wait, I clip my nails on the side of the road. I bet that nails make up alot of the dust too. What about dirt? John breaks my daydreaming with a rumbling chuckle while walking along the side of the road. He opens the door and sits in the passenger seat. Oh yeah, by the way, we are in Skip's mellow yellow toyota pick up with the camper shell. My 8 ft red and blue long board sticks out of the back window.

"John, guess what, I brought my PowerBook G4 and the movie I am in: Mushka Water. You can screen the scene I am in while I drive you home."

"OK, that's a good idea."

So, while I drive, John watches the movie as the PowerBook sits on his lap. It turns out that John speaks Yugoslavian and is intrigued by the initial dialogue. He is impressed by the camera work and asks me who the director is. As we pull to a stop in his driveway, the scene I am in begins. John watches and seems to be impressed.

"You have two careers!" He exclaims.

I wonder what the other one is but do not say anything. John comes out with the latest revision of the screenplay and hands it to me. "Get me a copy of the movie and I'll send it to the director. Read the script and see what roles you might be interested in."

Back up to the estate. Driving, very excited. My having to leave the estate will all make sense if this film happens. The movie wave forms just as the estate wave closes out. The movie wave could take me up to Canada, allow me to earn something $eriou$ and than can lead to other possibilities. Cool.

Smoothie made in what has now become the winery compound room. The refrigerator was commandeered a week or two ago (manifest winery) and the counters are all off limits now. The floor has become filthy and my dish rack is filled with strainers, beakers and other wine making trinkets. All I ever do is blend up smoothies and so I am able to make my liquid lunch in a small area that is not under siege. The kitchen is a microcosm for the overall recent display of territoriality.

Skip never washes his truck. After my lunch, I hose it down and watch the thick layer of dirt run off the sides in brown streams.

I arrive at Surfer's Point. Scan the areas of wave breakage and decide to go up to "Stables". When I get out there my head is completely dry, attesting to the very small waves. It's all mostly windswell out here. I see two women out there and head in their direction. One of them looks familiar. Yep, it's Kim. As we say hello, Gabriella turns around on her light green board and gives me a warm "Hi!" Her eyes light up. We sit and wait for a while. A lull is upon us. It turns out that my timing was a bit off today. More waves came but definitely died down when I got out. Still, it was super sweet to be out in the water and I even managed to get 7 waves in 70 minutes.

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