Saturday, September 10, 2005

Songs of the sun

The retreat is running smoothly. I bought over 60 rolls of TP yesterday. This particular group of people has set a record for use. Believe it or not, we are going thru 20 rolls a day. Don't worry dear reader, I am on top of the situation and am vigilantly monitoring all the bathrooms so that the inexcusable is avoided.

Earlier today, Devin and I drove in his big white natural gas powered truck to an athletic club that he has recently joined. We walk into the lobby in time to catch the last set of the Agassi/Ginepri semifinal in the US Open. After Andre's victory, we hit the courts below and play some tennis. The first set goes by rather quickly. My game is not super on but Dev's is off track and so I win it 6-1. Dev takes the next set 6-2 after picking up his game a bit. He hits the ball deeper, more consitently and makes more first serves.

We then head over to the grandstand court and play some doubles with some older dudes. It is very relaxed and fun. They beat us 6-2. My doubles game has some rust and Dev's a newbie in the doubles world. We had some chances to win games but just could not convert the key points. Our opponents were very encouraging and supportive. Seems like everyone has a very sportsman like demeanor. I am now considering obtaining membership here.

Devin wants to play another set. I am like: uh... OK. This one starts off 1-1, and then I get on a little roll and win the next 5 games to pull it out. My game was more solid and the balls seemed a little bigger.

Arriving back on the estate, Dev and I build some fires: one in the studio and one in the main house.

My next mini adventure came in the form of sharing didjeridoo vibrations with Julian's class of approximately 40 people. I entered the yoga studio while everyone lay on their backs in shavasana. Wait for Julian to finish his guided meditation on body sensory awareness. He signals me to begin. 40 people take about 30 minutes or so for me to didj/vibrate/lchant/emit sonic love or what ever you want to call it. As I begin to finish, someone starts drumming, Whintey joins him, others start dancing. I watch amazed, it is like I set a fire and now the flames are all dancing and realeasing the stored energy, songs of the sun.

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luv it, didj, u have some kinda life!

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