Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Practice wave surf sesh

Arrival time at Surfer's Point is 3:40 PM today. There are several parking spots available in the first lot. This is not a good sign. But when I get out of the small black convertible, several surfers are visible, sitting on their boards while small ripples race to shore along the surface of the water. The paddle out is easy and there is still a currrent pulling towards the pier. Once again, while paddling out, before even sitting on my board, a wave comes in to greet me and offer a ride. I aquiesque, spin the board around, padddle and then push up onto my feet. The wave closes out after giving me a 20 yard ride. The sky is blue and the horizon is eyeing the sun. The waves are small but fun; disorganized but still rideable. In about 70 minutes of surfing, I manage to get around 7 rides. One of them was very sweet, taking me almost a hundred yards, walling up and providing a shower curtain of water for me to ride thru. More than I could have hoped for on such a small day.

The house of dogs adventure is nearing an end. Daniel and Sunny are in San Francisco tonight. They expect to arrive here sometime late in the evening tomorrow. The puppies have all been spectacular, revealing their loving natures and actually learning to obey my commands. They are all gathered around me now; ocassionally coaxing some scratching and caressing from me. It has turned out that Trixie, the mom of all these boys, is the real troublemaker. She loves to attack Michael Jackson. She stirs all the boys up and soon they are racing around the house like a herd of stampeding buffalo, making a raquet, growling, barking... I know that this is how they play but it is too much for me. My solution tonight is to isolate trixie in the bedroom. She is lying down sleeping now. Rupert only gets aggressive when one of his boys doesn't submit to his alpha sensibilities.

This Thursday (9/8), Ventura County Reporter will pulish a story on local (VC) blogs. Bardo Surfer is one of the featured blogs. They have a circulation of 35,000 and report progressive news. http://vcreporter.com/