Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So Cal surf sesh #2

The puppies wake me up... I let them outside... go back to sleep. 8:30 AM, pups yelps wake me again, this time for some food. Feed them. Hop in the Miata, drive to Rachel's, let the cat out. Back to the house. My 8 ft long board fits in the Miata. And, it fits nicely I might add. The Miata is a very cool surf mobile. This car is so small that it reminds me of a dune buggy or one of those little race cars that you drove when you were a kid visiting Disney World or some place at the Shore in New Jersey. The engine even sounds the same. I wear the Yankee hat Bri gave me and the big fat Blinde sunglasses that Ash gave me. Pick ups, all jacked up cruise by me and I can't even see the driver, can't see in their vehicle. I could drive underneath them and not leave a scratch.

The Miata's gas consumption is half of the big black jacked up convertible Bronco's. Talk about totally different rides. Another benefit of the Miata is that I can lock the value ables in the trunk. The ride down is smooth, this car hugs the road. The streets all take on the feel of a giant racetrack.

I pull into the Surfer's Point parking lot and a spot awaits my tiny loaner matchbox car. Another benefit is that this car can park in small spots. I lay the red and blue surf board on the strip of grass and watch the waves. They are smaller today. A little more cleaner. A few more folks out there.

Paddle out between the waves, dodge the peaks and I am out again - like yesterday with my bald head still dry. The first wave I catch, push up, land on my feet. The drop is smooth. Suddenly, a surfer in a black wet suit appears, directly in my path. He's trying to paddle over the wave, he sees me and his jaw drops involuntarily. Without thinking, I cut to the right, avoiding the human obstacle, cut left down the wave again. Then it closes out. Fun one. I catch 4 more waves in a row without losing my balance. I am able to carve these waves with my 8 footer.. Something that I did not do with the 9'6 in Hawaii. I could easily turn the big thing but there was no slashing.

I paddle in and walk to the sports car. While throwing stuff in the trunk, I hear some one say: "Didj, is that you?"

I turn to see David, former room mate, former band mate (he was in my band Monkey Puzzle), in front of his white mini SUV Isuzu. "Yo David!" I say, psyched to see him.

"Are you about to surf?"

"No, I just had a 90 minute sesh, I gotta take off and take care of things."

We agree to try and sched a surf sesh and say later.

Rest of the day was a mix of different responsibilities. Dumped 12 forty pound bags of salt into the pool and 8 forty pounders into the water softener. Yoga and tai chi for 90 minutes and then a smoothie that hit the spot. Check on dogs, chill... hop on the CBR 900 and zip to Rachel's, let Angus in, feed him, add some water, then to Farmer and the Cook. This meal really hits the spot, visit Jmoe's, feed cat and watch Roddick lose the third 7-6 set in a row to Mueller for a first round exit out of the US Open.

Finally back here. The pups are hyped and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. They are like this till i tire of their constant battling. They are super nice to me... they lick my feet even, but they just don't know when to stop playing... ah well, their just big ole puppies, 6 or 7 months old I think.

Now all is peaceful here in the house of dogs.