Friday, August 26, 2005

Let the games begin

The simple beep of my wrist watch yanked me from a now forgotten dream at 7 AM. I can feel the heat of the day already. This will be a hot one. I watch the early rays of the sun paint the green canvas thru the round window. I feel groggy, close my eyes but do not fall back asleep. Time for some yoga and tai-chi. I skipped yesterday and so am quite motivated to get in there, back in the yoga studio for the first time in over 25 days. This is my longest absence since the structrue was completed almost 1.5 years ago.

The magick of this structure lies in the combination of color, size, architecture and the amount of sunlight that streams thru the many square feet of glass. The time flys by and suddenly my session of stretching and slow motion moving concludes. I begin the final preparations for the retreat before 9 AM. I've been doing this for so long that all the tasks seem to happen by themselves while I just observe. The day gets hotter and hotter - just as Tyler warned me it would. Finally, around 4:30 or so, I cruise down to Famer and the Cook for the purely organic salad with most of the ingrediants locally grown. The heat never goes away, no matter how fast I go. The bike still sounds and feels funny. I call up the shop that works on my bike. Daryl is super accomidating and says to come in any time. My meal is delish. It is all young girls that work there, except for Hawk. Most of them are new. Low pay = high turnover. I guess this keeps the cost of my meal down and keeps the young girls circulating like a pump in a fountain...

Back on the estate, everything is smooth, no one is complaining about the heat. [not that I heard at least]. I help out the cook a bit, a very bright attractive woman from San Francisco. I see Devin chopping vegetables, Tony's making gee another bald dude is washing dishes - Tom Sawyer's got nothing on this minx.

Down in the cool, cool basement, I see devin. I can't hold it in, I point to the kitchen above us and say: "She is smokin!"

He smiles like a shark circling tuna and says "Take a number."

We laugh, I say "This aint tennis. I got my number, it's 1."

He just laughs. I get called away to put on a shower curtain and some window curtains. I see Devin grabbing some vino out of the wine cellar. He sure does not waste any time. The retreat ends noon this Sunday so you cannot save the big guns for later. The time is now.

Bill gives me a call and asks me to watch Will while he and E go to a dinner party. So there I am back playing Star Wars Battlefront with Will in the guesthouse. We play on the same team, working in unison to defeat the enemy.